Fire Work Tarot Spread

I love a few sparkles in the sky! Since I was really little, we’ve been going to our local field for a huge community fire work night, put on by our local council. I took my children when they were small and now i just go with Mr Flaaa because the kids are to cool for mum to take them! While there is much more known about how fireworks effect the animals now, organised ones are my preference. I love the buzz of seeing everyone, the noises the AHHHS and WOOOS made from other parents with their children, the candy floss and fun fare, the whole evening. Im super lucky to be able to do this 5 minutes walk away.

The traditional meaning here in Britain, is of course from Guy Falkes, a member of the gunpowder plot, who was arrested while guarding the explosives the plotters had placed beneath the house of lords. The catholic plotters had intended to assassinate Protestant King James 1 and his parliament. People lit bonfires around London in celebration of the capture, and months later the Observance of 5th November enforced a day of thanksgiving for the plots failure

Fire work Tarot Spread

Making a bang now

Gunpowder plot

Lighting your fire

Blasting away what no longer serves


Sparkling your way

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