Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Setting up for a Tarot Reading

Preparing a reading

Before a reading, it’s important to set the room and vibe right.

I like to set the intention mentally with a personnel prayer, grounding myself, centring myself, and opening myself up to the divine energies.

 My space is sacred to me and this has to be just right. The right temperature, lighting and ambiance.

I also think its super important to be mentally In the right space.

If I am going through some trauma or emotional situations that are effecting me then I will not read. Your readings could easily be influenced if you’re not mentally in the right space and you may not give the best that you otherwise could.

Taking personnel responsibility is huge in my book

This forms part of my ethics, but like attracts like and if you have nor dealt with your personnel issues, they could well be reflected in your clients reading leading you to be emotionally attached. For example, if you have just had a break up and saw the 3 of swords appear you could assume it’s a break up for your client rather than something else.

Work space

My work space needs to be clutter free, I like to have candles and crystal that I am drawn too for that day. The flame of a candle signifies the eternal light of spirit, crystal give off energy and I find they also act as a talking point occasionally, so it is important if you do have them, that you know which ones are for what or why you have chosen them. I also have different oracle cards on my table and a second deck of rider wait tarot cards. This helps if I need to draw more information from either deck without having to mess up my original layout.

Oracle cards give great guidance and offer different messages than the tarot which can really support your reading.

Some people like to have a scented incense burning or oils burning,  but I prefer not to use these as occasionally they do end up as a distraction and not everyone like a room full of scent and smoke. I do however have natural organic scents as a spray which I use before the reading and after the reading, helping to cleanse the air and raise the vibration.

When I start a reading I like  to make my client feel comfortable and offer them a drink, having my own mystic coffee lounge defiantly helps here!

I think it’s important to start the reading explaining how you work, so I let my clients know how I work and what to expect. If they are new to the tarot, I’ll explain the death card doesn’t mean they are going to die.

It’s important to know how you work and set boundaries at the start of the reading for both of you

I like to offer the sitter a chance to record the readings if they are face to face or ill record and send them over if on zoom, it’s great for the sitter to be able to listen back too. I still have my old tape recordings form over 20 years ago! And guess what? When I was 20 a local well known psychic , Silvia Simms said to me” your be doing what I do for a living and you will have a comfortable bank balance as you get older” At the time I though I’d love too, I did already have a deck of tarot cards, and I had absolutely no money at all so I thought no way! Then in my 30s after a few years after I had started  reading professionally, I remembered her tape! Guess she was right eh!   




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