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Diary of a mystic November 2019

Diary of a mystic November

Join me on my ventures this month!

I can hardly believe we are in November already! What a year so far!

This month starts off with a charity that a lovely lady Pat organizes at her home each year, raising money for cancer charities. I’m tucked up in a beautiful cosy cabin in her amazing garden, Its a very wet and windy day, so I am feeling lucky to be in this awesome space. It super busy and I run out of time to see everyone, but super pleased for Pat that her day hasn’t been washed out.

I’ve been wanting to read palms forever, so this month I do another days course to try and enhance what I know! On the course is Alison. I’ve not seen Ally for ages, so its lovely to see her again. Ally is how I started this journey. She was one of the leaders at a children’s group, where I took my baby,whos now 13! When we got talking I told her I was a beauty therapist, so she asked me to take my couch in and treat the mums while the kids played, this was the good old times before the government came in and closed us down, turned us into a children’s center and then closed them! Anyway, when I bought in my flyers, she saw I did reiki which she also did, the conversation soon turned to angel and tarot cards and before you knew it we were going out together reading for the mums and their friends at their homes! This soon turned in to a weekly thing before our paths separated, the kids grew up and we went different ways. Still remaining friends though, so it was great to see her again.

It continues to be busy in the lounge, there’s never a day without readings now and new people coming in. We’ve ordered so much more new stock in ready for Christmas it’s selling really well.

I do a reading for a guy whos super nervous and a super skeptic. Within 2 minutes of the reading he’s in tears with the information that has come through. I connect him to his grandad and dog in spirit. It’s lovely to not only help people believe and be open to the afterlife but also to bring comfort and healing. He’s amazed at what the cards pick up, including his pregnant wife, which no one knows yet!

It’s amazing the connection people have with their animals. I once did a group reading session in America, this lady had almost all her family members connect with her, even I was feeling quite chuffed with the information, but it was her 2 dogs that she really wanted to know about and was so pleased when they made their connections.

I think maybe I underestimated the power of our loved pets when I first started this journey.

My friend Anne hosted a past life regression workshop at the lounge, its something I’ve touched on and had done but only in mini-workshops. Anne loves to talk, so luckily she is really interesting as she talks a lot today 🙂 but we all learn loads and needed the knowledge. In my regression I must have drifted off as when the others were talking about theirs, so much of it, I didn’t even recall! Some of the group’s regression was amazing though. I think I will have to go back when I’m not in a group situation or so tired!

I’m a massive Astrology fan, especially Pam Gregory Astrology, so I’m delighted to be going to one of her lasts talks in a while this month. As expected its awesome. All about Saturn, Capricorn and Uranus and Taurus. I’m a sun Taurus with a Capricorn ascendant so I’m all set for next year’s planetary movements!

After a month off Psychic sisters, I’m back there working my magic a few times this month. Its also fun and busy, Jayne has new stock in every time I go. We read for people all over the world and every day is very different. I’m hoping the Christmas lights go on soon making oxford street sooo pretty!

It’s not all work work work, I do have a few days of catching up with mum, shopping in faham, ur fave past time and cinema trips with the girls and Mr.Flaaa. We see midway which is amazing, made me think so much of my late gramps who was a sailor on board the indefatigable which was hit by a kamacari , killing his friends in front of him. Another friend fell overboard and was eaten by a shark in front of him, watching the film made me think of how his days were filled, how he slept how he survived on an aircraft ship. He was so young too 17! Most of them joined up earlier when he was 13 and lied about his age. when my brother and I plus our cousins were little he would tell us stories of how he had bullets in his neck later I found out they were just spots and shishgawawa – a 3 legged Japanese duck! I believed him until I was about 20! I was very lucky to be close to all my grandparents and had the best! My other grandad joined up early too, he was in the first world war, he had a monkey and a bear as pets! Although I never met him, he died when my dad was 16.

My dad was an atheist now he’s in between, but he can never account for his feelings the day his dad died. There were no phones then, and my dad was already at school but he had a feeling to go home straight from school and not do what he did every night every day, which was to go and play football afterward. He said something just told him inside he needed to go straight home. When he got home his mum and my Aunty was there waiting for him to return to say his dad had died suddenly of a heart attack. My nan told me, my Granddad had come downstairs and said he didn’t feel well, she went into the kitchen to get him a glass of milk and saw a purple hooded figure standing there. She didn’t pay much attention but gave him his milk and went into the garden to hang the washing up. When she came back in he had had a heart attack and passed away, spilling the milk. I now live in that house im sure as sure that he is there with us

This month sees our relaunch of Loose Mystics Chat Show. A fun-filled show with spiritual subjects, interaction from viewers on facebook plus live readings at the end. We’ve all been friends for ages so its god fun although the producer is a little short sometimes with us! It is available on my youtube channel Kate May Modern Day Mystic. We never quite know how it’s going to pan out which adds to the fun, withinn a few days teh producer calls me to say weve reached over 1500 veiws alraedy – woop woop!

We have our mind body spirit fayre this month, I love these, they are as much a social event as work. We have a few new stallholders for this one. I do a Tarot talk, I love talking about the Tarot, half-hour just isn’t enough!

A day out with the girls is needed, so we head off to port Solent and see Last Christmas. We love a Christmassy film and a girly catch up.

It’s also our Mystic Mandys birthday so another night out on the Raz with curry is in order. Its the first night Jem has been out with us and it’s pretty mild to be honest, so we’re not scared her off yet!

The last weekend this month, I’m at the Eastbourne experience, with some fabulous mediums Gordon Smith, Billy Cook, Craig Morris and so many more. I go up with my friend Dawny, it’s bitter cold and the hotel is falling apart but it was an amazing weekend, so much fun lots to drink and of course lots to learn. We are grouped up for the weekend and do different mediumship classes throughout. I do 3 mini dems and actually found it got easier and easier. Although I may have still been drunk on the last one!

As we were grouped up with different people and ate in different groups, it meant we got to meet lots of new people. You know when you just click with some people, well a few of us really did jell well. I learned loads from Steven who did the healing exercises and Billy makes it look so much fun and easy! Gordon, I could just chat forever, and the ladies, Janet and Mary were lovely. Never out of work mode, Gordon, Billy Craig, and Steven have agreed to be interviewed for my magazine and for the Mystic and Medium show coming in the new year.

As the month comes to an end, the Christmas tree goes up! I love Christmas. I can’t wait to start buying the gifts and wrapping them all.

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