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Diary of a Mystic December

Diary of a mystic December

It’s a busy start to the month, im back from the fabulous Eastbourne experience and preparing for the last mentorship program with the fabulous Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else.

The same weekend I have booked the festival of lights in Longleat with the Children and friends. As far as light shows go, this was the best I’ve ever seen. We had to go through the monkey walk and of course, had a few of the little darlings jump and play on the car which the boys loved! As soon as im back, im packed and ready for the flight to manchester early the next morning. It’s a fabulous weekend, I do a couple more practice demonstrations but I wish I had another year with her! Ima slow learner! As it goes I have a plan for the next 10 months and then hope to join her for the advance week course later in the year. A few of the guys had their naming ceremony there this weekend and it was amazing to see Mavis move o an altered state with her guide doing the messages. One of the evenings im there we head off to the pub for a lovely meal and catch up with each other. On the last day, we receive some wonderful words from mavis and Jean plus certificates and gifts.

As its December, I have my annual Christmas shopping trip with my mum. We head off to Bournemouth and literally shop till we drop. Again we see the stunning lights they have on show and grab some lovely festive goodies. I get my shopping habits from my mum for sure. We both love a shopping trip and days out, im super lucky to be able to share this with her.

I have an evening of Christmas messages booked as a demonstration with my friend Paul at his Psychic place this month. I love how the cards work with the audience giving them the correct message each time! I have known Paul for many years, I used to sit in his circle, now sometimes we will work together which is great. The night is fabulous and everyone enjoys themselves, Paul has a couple of his students join us, so its a great share all round. It’s wonderful anytime to give messages of hope and inspiration to others through reading, but especially this time of year, and reuniting the 2 wolds once more

In London at Psychic Sisters, we have our Christmas party night – What a night! It’s a burlesque show but more like a light strip show! The food is lush but super expensive for drinks so not many are flowing! The show was great fun though. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that im experiencing these amazing things – feeling extremely blessed

I decided to chop off my locks! You know when you get fed up and can not do a thing with your hair? well, I went for a big cut and love it! it’s so much easier and looks different every day!

As the last weeks unfold for 2019, our little coffee shop gifts are doing really well, I postponed a few readings until the new year as I have lost my voice through the virus going around. Lucky for some they would say! During this time its the winter Solstice and Yule December 21/22nd – See my blog for more info, but I celebrate with friends around their open fire.


I love this time of year for many reasons. As usual, I have overspent but I don’t care! I work hard so now im reaping the benefits 🙂

As for Christmas week, I have paced myself nicely ready to enjoy the time off with the family, Christmas eve, Jemma and I take the unwise decision to get drunk after work! Bu the time we roll home we are quite messy seemed such a fun idea and was great until it reaches 8 pm when I fall asleep watching the Christmas movie!

The night doesn’t get any better and by Christmas morning, I have about 2 hours of sleep! Still, it didn’t stop a fantastic Christmas. Mr. Flaaa thoroughly spoiled me with so much! I had so many gifts from clients and friends, I feel super lucky!

The best part for me is the giving and im overjoyed to see the children enjoy their gifts. We eat loads, chill loads and spend some fabulous quality time together. As boxing day arrives, my mind doesn’t take long to get back to work mode – must be the new moon in Capricorn happening! See my other blog on that! Im a Capricorn Ascendant so it fits well with me. I have a few things in the pipeline that im super excited about, but mainly, I feel I am in a really good place right now and everything is just ticking along nicely.

I’ve enjoyed a lovely break this Christmas and new year and am looking forward as to what 2020 will bring, as usual, I have done my 12-month forecast with the tarot and there are some exciting things to appear!

Goodbye to 2019 – You’ve shown me how strong I can be, how to rebuild myself after a fall, who my real friends are and how important family and downtime are. I have got the balance right with work and the kids for the first time ever this year, I feel I have got extra close to my boys this year and seen them do really well at school and branching out socially more with their friends. I may be no closer to any agreement with their dad but you can’t always have everything 🙂 I have successfully grown my business and expanded into new areas. I have traveled and had good health. For that, I am blessed and grateful

I have managed to finally get things going in areas that I have been trying for ages! I have been blessed to have had so many customers and make so many new friends this past year.

With friends Lyn and Paul, we launched Mystic Rebel a new psychic online magazine where I write my Tarot talk!

Along with the wonderful Suzette, we have started doing our Mystic and Medium demonstrations, of which we have some more amazing things in the pipeline for next year super excited about that!

Loose Mystics came back with a new, refreshed and better-looking vibe all round, I love working with these girls its so much fun, the love & banter doesn’t stop off camera!

My relationship with Mr Flaaa got glued back together with a super super strong glue that has no room for unsticking thankyou!

The hardest part of 2019 was being shafted and lied about by my so-called best friend but from that, I have learned so much and now I am no longer carrying or funding anyone but myself. The lies and false accusations that went around were hard to hear on one hand, but laughable on the other, and did give us a real giggle at how obviously wrong the facts were and how silly she was being.

Im a true believer in the truth coming out eventually and I am at peace that the universe/God knows what it was doing with these changes, however hard they were at the time.

The best part of doors closing are new ones opening, and Jem Jem coming into my life through the shop, She truly has been like a breath of fresh air and is probably the most helpful and kindest person I have ever worked so closely with.

I can definitely count more blessings than not this year, and as I say goodbye to 2019 I thank it for the learning, the freedom it gave me to work with who I want, where I want and when I want, The fabulous friendships and memories and most of all, the peace

Mystic Blessings to you all may 2019 be a closed-door and 2020 bring the happiness you truly deserve

Kate May





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