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Diary of a mystic January

Diary of a mystic January

Wow! What a busy month this was!

I also had extra high views from the stats on Decembers Diary of a mystic, big thanks to all those that helped with that! 🙂

So January is usually good for me work-wise, I think because its the new year and so many of you want to see what the new year brings, but this year, well I was kept out of trouble by so many of you booking. I think one of the weeks I saw 29 people!

Christmas seems so far away now and I have even started to see daffodils shooting up, which is such a welcome sight after the grey skies.

The new year was a quiet one for us, I had planned to go out with friends and Mr. Flaaa but after I closed the shop, I was done! So we had a lovely chilled evening and saw the new year in our way!

With doing readings every day at the mystic river lounge, I don’t so many parties now, but I started the year with one for a group and a fellow medium. Its always a bit odd doing a reading for another medium, especially one as good as this tonight! It wasn’t the first time I had done a group reading for these, so I was more relaxed than the first time and because they knew how I worked, and having a working medium in the family, they all had a good understanding. I know some that won’t read for other mediums, which I find strange because we all need guidance at times, and to get what you already know deep down confirmed by someone else is always satisfactory, plus there is usually a few extra surprises bits thrown in.

There were so many bugs going around this month, and we didn’t escape it!

After feeling on and off for a few weeks, both Jem and I came down with the lurgy! I had tonsillitis and I have no idea what she had! Dying for 2 days I closed the shop, was put on 8 antibiotics a day and within 12 hours of that, I was in tip-top form again, in fact, I felt better then I had in a few weeks! Sometimes it’s not until we get really better that we realise how poorly we actually were.

My eldest son Joshua was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid over Xmas. He has some other complications but hopefully, that will be ok soon. we’ve been back and forth to the hospital with blood test, shit tests you name it! When I was diagnosed with it at 19, I really didn’t realise how ill I was until I had got the treatment and felt better. As a teenager (13) I am not sure he will be normal until he is out of the teen stage!

Actually we are really close, he tells me everything and we are very open with each other. Sometimes though he thinks he is the man of the house! But then again he is an Aries!

Halfway through the month, Suzzette and I, as the Mystic and the Medium travel up to Blandford for a demonstration. I just love working in this way with Suzzette, her mediumship is superb and the whole evening was a complete success with the, asking us to go back in June. Next month we are looking at Reading or Guildford. There were 3 girls in the front and for the life of me I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to go to, so all evening in my head I was trying to sort it, as the end came, I went to one of them, and spoke about her son, which turned out to be the other girls boyfriend and the other girls nephew! So they were all connected and through the son’s message I managed to connect them all!

Just as we were about to close Suzzette went to 1 more lady, the message and contact had the whole room in tears and as a small community there, most knew each other’s business. The room was so lifted by this last message, a son who had passed only a week before, they all agreed that was the message that was being waited for. It’s just indescribable the joy of doing this sort of thing.

I read for a lady this month who was really struggling to see what direction she was heading into, how the year was going be and were her loved ones ok. I have mentioned before about animals connecting, and it always fascinates me when an animal does communicate. The feeling is the same, but my head is like, OMG I am feeling a cat’s emotions or dogs is actually showing me things! I shouldn’t be surprised but I still am!

Fortunately, this lovely sitting went really well and not only did her grandparents connect but also her beloved cat that passed over Christmas.

I have decided to cut back on having so many workshops at the lounge this year, it’s doing really well and I want to have more time with the family. Now its all set up and running well I can chillax a bit more. The first year in any new business you have to be prepared to putt 110% in, and this last 6 months it has seen such a good increase, I am really pleased with how it all is working out and can take a step back – not too much mind! I am getting an extra day off a week though from next month. My friend Anne, who is a hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist will be doing 1 day a week in the lounge, which also means we can expand our services into that area.

I do have just 1 workshop this month, its on psychic development for beginners. As usual, it’s so lovely to meet new faces, and share the start of their development.

I guess it is the new year vibe but Jem Jem has taken on the role of the kick-ass boss after joining up with a few kick-ass business coaches! We have got our world, well Cosham, domination bug and have picked up so many fab tips on, well how to be even more fabulous! It’s great because I am usually the one coming up with ideas and drive, incentives and plan of actions, but now she is da boss and I am loving it! I would work with an aquarian any day! Dating one is a whole new ball game though! Although to be fair the last 6 – 8 months Mr. Flaaa and I have been on a good roll!

I have started writing my own tarot book! (still waiting for my cards to be completed)Its a combination of the new tarot course I am also writing up plus information on crystals and astrology! Im loving going back to basics with the Tarot and re-learning everything! I want to get it finished by the end of February, ready for my next Tarot course that starts in March. It’s totally taken over my life! I have switched wifi providers both at home and at work so I have no internet but luckily I still have word so it is perfect timing to write while I can not be distracted with anything else. I actually find the winter months a great time to get the paperwork and admin bits up to date, ready to enjoy the summer fun!

As the month comes to a close, I spend it away with loads fo friends and Mr. Flaaa at Hayling Island Spirit Quest. Its a weekend full f workshops, meditations, mediumship demonstrations, drinking eating and socialising. Anyone that knows Col, knows he doesn’t really drink nowadays, Well that changed this weekend! It’s rather a waste though as he goes straight to sleep as soon as he’s feeling a bit drunky!

As it has been such a busy month, I chose not to work at this event, normally I would have a few workshops and readings booked in. It was so good to just kick back and attend other workshops, and enjoy a fabulous time with everyone. There were so many people there that I knew, it just like a big party! I have eaten my own body weigh in food though, and what I managed to keep off all over Christmas, I think I have put on! But never mind, all is good.

The theme for the weekend seemed to be the standard of mediumship nowadays. And how people attend a 6-week course then proclaim, to be a psychic medium or some that said they had been working for many many years still gave flakey messages, no real evidence. The look of pure frustration on the lectures faces when they clearly explained what a good medium should be delivering, only to then see people stand and give a message exactly how they said should be! The audience was partly to blame, encouraging lazy mediumship. Unfortunately, nowadays, people are not educated well enough to know what’s what. And this is why I am not a platform medium yet! I am very happy to be still in training mode as far as platform demonstrations of mediumship go. Even though I have been working one to one for the last 14 years, it’s so different on the platform. I don’t want to be a flakey psychic on stage, I would want to be a good evidential medium. I want to practice what I preach.

I would rather wait 5 or 6 more years to get it right. Im a Taurus, we can wait forever if we know it will be worth it.

I couldn’t let this be complete without mentioning Derek Acorah. Sadly this month Derek passed to spirit himself. I was shocked to hear of this and even more shocked, call me old fashioned, but to here the shitty comments about his work. Seriously at a time of sadness, whatever options were had, I think they should have respected the family. The night before I heard Derek had passed, I was reading an article about how he had met someone in a supermarket and mentioned about their son who had passed, it didn’t make much sense at the time but a while later the man he had bumped into saw him again and explained how much it had helped because of other events since, anyway in a nutshell I went to bed with Derek on my mind for some reason and just thought, do you know what, it doesn’t really matter what other people think, that man and his wife were helped and that’s fabulous. I met Derek a several times, I was involved with a few events that he also was involved in and through my friend Paul, I was lucky enough to be on their radio show and even read a few cards for Derek! He was always very polite, charming and kind. Despite our believes when someone we love dies, it rocks us to the core and shakes up our whole belief thoughts for a while. I do hope people are respectful

Mystic Blessings

See you all next month! x




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