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Full moon in Libra

Key words – Balance – Change – Relationships – Compromise – flexibility – Love – Humanity – leadership – Harmony – Truth – Justice

This full moon is also known as the pink moon, this comes from the pink flowers that come up this time of year according to the native Americans.

As with every full moon we look at what needs to be let go off, what do we
need to release

Libra is connected to relationships, balance and harmony. With the full moon things here could either get quite tense, especially with the lockdown situation we are in, or it could go the opposite way, that you fall in love with people all over again, and have come to realise the importance of all our relationships as this is illuminated now as well as showing up all those hidden emotions. The Moon in libra asks us to look at whats out of balance, where can we bring peace and harmony with love to our relationships, to bring about more balance. What needs to be released and changed, it illuminates hidden things, things to do with leadership, and where justice will serve. We are asked now more than ever. Its no wonder we are now realising what and who are important, what serves us all for the best of humanity. While there is much focus on others – this full moon also asks that we pay attention to our own needs, and not neglect them in favour of others. Its reminds us to think for ourselves, and not be too go vended by social media, the news or other peoples opinonWe are asked to be grateful for the small things that bring us such beauty and forgive what has caused such unfair justice. The soft energy of Venus, that rules Libra will give a softer edge to h

arsh realties.

If you have your moon in libra you may like to have your own way, thinking its the right fair way. you will like to be in relationships and maybe from a Young age marry or live with someone. You have so much love to share you won’t may not feel complete unless in some kind of partnership.
Great at problem solving and being strategic. Although great planners, prefer to sit back and let others do the hard work. With the support of others they can achieve much success. They like to get there own way though and will argue with those close, but be more diplomatic with outsiders
They like balance and harmony but will give a good argument when they think they are right or when sticking up for the underdog

The tarot card connected to libra is the justice card
This card looks at accountability for all our actions and those of others. If you have done anything wrong you will now be held accountable and with this full moon things are illuminating even more so – if we have being doing right, then again this will show up – think about all the social media posts thanking the NHS and key workers – illuminating their good work, but on the other hand showing up in full light all those not adhering to the rules
The justice card brings legal or important documents to the front, but with this comes a fair balance of justice
Sometimes this card will show an awakening of spiritual enlightenment, all be it in baby steps, with the current situation now in the world, more people are starting to wake up and see the bigger picture

Tonight is a perfect time to recharge your crystals, recharge yourself, release negative vibes, take a long hard look with love through all our relationships, forgive heal and embrace what beauty we have around us now. Find where we want peace and balance while living in truth.


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