Kate May Modern Day Mystic

3 Card Tarot Reading

Choose from one of the following…

* Past- Present- Future

*Challenge -How to over come – Outcome

*Situation -Obstacle -Outcome

*Where you stand -Where you want to go – How to achive this

*Ideals -Blocks- How to over come this

*Guidance to support you now – challenges to face – Unleash your power

*Mind – Body – Spirit

*Situation – how to over come blocks – Lesson

*Embrace – Let Go – Accept

*Dream – life – Fear

*Next week – next Month – Next Year

*Desire -Obstacle -solution

*Redlight(stop) Yellow light (maybe) Greenlight (Go for it)

*Strength – Weakness -Super Power

*Create your own!

Using the cards we can see what’s what!