Tarot Connects To Your Soul

Using the tarot and my psychic abilities, I look into your life, what’s around you, coming up and give you possible answers to your questions, giving you guidance, insight and clarification but leaving you to make the choices for you’re self.

“Kate May, Modernday Mystic”

Kate May, Modern Day Mystic
Using the tarot and my psychic abilities to look into your life, giving you guidance and insight and clarification. While Mediumship is not guaranteed, I do bring all the energy together.
Weekly and monthly classes including Astrology, Psychic development, and Meditations. Designed to support you through your spiritual journey.
I offer several different courses on tarot, psychic development and Chakra healing. They are designed from beginners to enhance all abilities and help you discover more about yourself and spiritual development.
Each session is tailor made to suit your own personnel requirements. Mentoring and guiding you through your spiritual journey getting your life back on track.
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Kate May, Modern Day Mystic Message Cards

45 cards seperated into 6 different categories. These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidence and answers in my straight talking way!


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