About me Early Years

I have always had an interest in all things spiritual, right back as far as I can remember. When I was around 8 years old, I would sit with my Paternal Nan, who lived next door to us, and we would play tea leave readings. My Nan would tell me about how she would still sense her mum around her despite passing when my she was just 7 years old, from tuberculous. I found it fascinating how someone could feel a dead person around. My maternal Nan would also talk of receiving signs from my great Nan who died when I was 7, having both sets of grand parents open to the after life gave me the confidence to explore further. This Lead me to have my first deck of tarot cards at around 13 years old, then having my first Spiritual job, for a medium couple, doing Astrology at around 17. This couple, some 25 years later turned out to be the parents of my now partner, whom I only met in the last 5 years. Coincidence or not!

" I would be able to predict pregnancies and see who was having an affair,  much to my work collegues annoyance! "

At school it was astrology that interested me most, I would be able to ‘ guess friends starsigns’ and attracted like minded friendships where we would have the deepest of conversations about God and the afterlife, almost too deep for a childs knowledge. My working life before my children I would be able to predict pregnancies and would know who was having affairs, much to the annoyance of some!  

I now live in my paternal Nan’s house, next to my dad, where I grew up with my 2 young boys, and husband to be, fellow medium Colin. As someone who works with her head in the clouds most of the time, they all keep me very grounded!


My studies over the years, have taken me on journeys through, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, Spiritualism, Pagan, and Angels. I have sat in many circles developing,  and have attended word renowned Spiritualist Medium Mavis Pittilla and Jean Else mediumship mentorship course. For many years now I have been working as a professional Tarot Reader & Psychic Medium U.K and more recently the U.S.A.

I now teach Tarot with Astrology, Psychic Development, and the Lotus Chakra – heal yourself within course, plus run several large Mind Body Spirit Fayres across the country. I travel to different Spiritual Centres and Churches Sharing tarot, astrology demonstrations and talks across Hampshire. I work in California doing readings and demonstrations or talks twice a year and have worked on Psychic Cruises and weekend psychic events doing readings and workshops. I have and still work all over the country, being booked for different events via agents that have wanted to book me for their client’s events.

About me 2

Mystic Coffee Lounge
Podcasts and Lives

I own my own shop The Mystic Coffee Lounge in Cosham, Portsmouth,Hampshire.  As well as being a regular coffee shop, we have introduced a vegan menu this year, which has been a massive hit. I have had the shop just over 3 years now, its my second home!

I do my readings here in a private separate room. We have a crystal gift shop selling crystals, books incense candles and more!

From there I run my psychic development classes and Courses. All events that can be found at
You will also find me doing lives from my facebook group and instagram, collaborating with friends for our loose mystics chat show and cards and cocktails 

Out & About

I work all over the country in the UK and in the US doing readings and teachings. 

For several years, I worked in Selfridges London as a Tarot Psychic reader,  with the world-renowned ‘Psychic Sisters’. After meeting the owner Jayne Wallace in LA, I was fortunate to be invited to join her company.

In the US with my partner and spiritual medium Colin Flaherty, we travel to different parts of America for private bookings and teachings.

Last year, I was lucky to have an opportunity with Mavis Pittila, world famous spiritual medium, teaching tarot to her students through her company – Spiritual explorations. I have since gone on to teach 100s of people through this while expanding the course to beginners, intermediate and advance levels

With my friend Suzette, we travel across the country as the mystic and the medium, doing demonstrations of both tarot and mediumship in a fun yet professional way

If you would like to book for yourself or a group just get in touch by emailing me on katemysticmay@gmail.com

Tarot Card


I have written for several online magazines doing Tarot scopes and articles on spiritualism, plus interviews with well known global mediums including the late reverend, spiritual medium Colin Fry 

I have been interviewed many times for different documentaries including television, radio and well known magazines such as Spirit and destiny. 

This year I had my own deck of Oracle cards published, Mystic Messages and a two decks of positive motivational cards. I am currently working on taro deck and a book which I hope to be finished  2021!


I am available for One to One Readings, Parties, Face to Face and Online or skype/phone plus for Talks, demonstrations, and Workshops. I take bookings for corporate events, weddings, social events, and private bookings please email katemysticmay@gmail.com

Mystic Blessings

Kate May x-x