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Kate May is a Professional Tarot reader, Psychic medium and experienced Tarot, Astrology and Spiritual Tutor. 

Owner of The Mystic Coffee Lounge in Cosham Portsmouth, a traditional coffee shop with a mystical twist! Selling crystals, cards, and all things new age. It is here in a private sanctuary space. That Kate conducts her one-to-one readings and therapy sessions. 

From her establishment, Kate runs her classes of Psychic development, workshops, and group mentoring sessions. 

Host of her “loose mystics show”, collaborating with friends talking about spiritual experiences and answering live questions with readings,  co-host of  Mystic & Mayhem,   bringing you mystical insights and mayhem stories from herself and co-host Jemma plus her interviewees, creating much laughter in this weekly pod cast. Also co-host of Tarot and Tea, a monthly pod cast exploring the current Astrological line ups along with Tarot predictions and spiritual influences with the lovely Jenni from Colorado over a good old-fashioned English cup of tea! Bringing their fun yet informative personalities to life while they share their mystical wisdom! 



Kate writes bimonthly for the online magazine “Spiritual Lifestyle” with different blogs, and Tarot spreads plus her Tarot predictions for each zodiac sign. A fabulous magazine created by Spiritual medium TJ Higgs packed with spiritual information and guidance from her team. Not only this but weekly you can see her Tarot predictions on the SPTV Channel, it is here along with her social media platforms where you really will get a good look at Kates authentic, fun and down to earth approach. You can catch up with her personnel vibe in her monthly diary of a mystic blogs. 

Pre lock down, Kate worked on psychic cruises with well-known mediums such as Gordon Smith, now as things return to a new normal, Kate has teamed up with another cruise company to restore these fabulous adventures! 

Author several books and decks including The Tarot Diary, 2024, & 2025 Mystic messages deck, Astro tarot deck, Tarot & Astrology workbook & journal and her latest book, Manifesting with Tarot & Tools. Her ideas do not stop there! Currently Kate is creating her 3rd Deck, Tarot manifestation and her 4th book Tarot and Astrology combined. Although don’t hold her to that title yet! 

Kate has been in the industry for almost 20 years, married to Trance medium Colin Flaherty and mum of 2 growing boys, Josh & Ollie. A huge animal lover, and furry mum of two big personality cats, if you’ve watched her lives, you will know exactly what I’m talking about! 


Close to her family, her spiritual believes were influenced by both her nans and mums’ openness to God and the afterlife. Owning her first deck of Tarot cards at the young age of 13 and being able to “Know her friends zodiacs signs at school” Kate continued to develop her interest’s exploring spiritualism, Astrology, Angels, Paganism, and a whole range of mysticism, taking her to work with many influences the UK and across the sea to the US, doing readings and tuitions. 

Kates mystical path has seen many coincidences or twists of fate as she prefers to call them. At 17, Kate worked for a couple who were mediums, doing her astrology readings after her uncle had arranged it as a little job for her for the summer. This medium had told Kate she would marry twice and work in the US. Something at the time Kate had no intention of!  Fast forward 25 years, while out with her second husband and mother-in-law, also a medium, who Kate thought she had met only in the last 10 years had a chance conversation that led to them realising that it was infact her mother-in-law that she had met and worked for all those years prior! 

Other twists of fate include meeting a new friend at a development circle, becoming super close only to find out later her friend’s mother was the incredible spiritual medium Mavis Pittilla, who later Kate would work for teaching her Tarot. 

There are many more twists of fate which Kate excitedly shares on her pod casts and lives. You can catch Kates interviews and other media posts here. 

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