About The Mystics

To book a reading, Treatments or healing session with Kate to Jemma  please email mysticriverlounge@gmail.com or call 07800734911/ 07912519941 Mystic River Lounge – Psychic & Healing Centre, Coffee shop & Mystical Gift store – 117 high Street Cosham Portsmouthwww.mysticriverlounge.co.uk


Kate has been working as a Professional Tarot Reader, for over 15 years. With a strong interest since childhood, Kate had her first deck of tarot cards at the age of 13, over 30 years ago!  After investing many years studying the cards, psychic and mediumship, healing, astrology and angels, Kate now sees up to 30 clients a week, doing face to face readings, online and phone ones. Traveling to work in America twice a year, plus across the country doing readings, workshops, talks and Tarot demonstrations. Working also in London Selfridges as part of the psychic Sisters team . Kate teaches Tarot Courses with Astrology and runs a weekly psychic development group, after studying psychic & mediumship over several years

  Using the cards as a focus to see what the future has instore and insight into different situations of clients, Kate layers the readings with her Psychic and mediumship abilities, helping to bring your loved ones forward.   Kate trained as a Beauty Therapist after School, but now focuses on her psychic work.

Kate works as a tarot reader and psychic medium in London  at the famous psychic sisters and travels to America regally for work