Angel wings

Angel Readings $80.00

Who wouldn’t want a beautiful angel card reading! There are so many stunning angel decks around and I have plenty of them for you to choose from.

Angelic energies are always from a positive vibration, this is reflected in all the different cards on many levels. After being attuned to Angelic Reiki several years ago, my intuition with  the angel cards became even more powerful.

Angel Messages

What messages do your angels have for you? 

Have you been seeing repeated numbers 111,333,444? 

What are your angels telling you?

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 Angels are all around you letting you know that you are loved and supported.


Cards and candles
Hands With wingss

What are Angel Cards

Angel cards are oracle cards, unlike tarot which can be more black and white, down and dirty (think that’s why I love them) and can have images that some find uncomfortable, Angel cards are pretty, gentle but still super powerful. They support with guidance like no other really and have the amazing power of healing and positivity 

Can’t make a face to face reading? Book online, phone email or zoom, even the angels can connect through modern ways nowadays!