Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Hands With wingssEach Angel has a unique energy guidance providing assistance towards our higher good while still honouring our free will.
Angels are Beings of Light from the 7th dimension and higher. The angelic realms come from the heart of God and do not have free will as we do. As winged messengers they provide love comfort healing and strength, while their unique energy can be called up on for different situations you don’t have to know all the angels for they will come around when required acting as a bridge between the spirit realm and earth serving as a channel.

Angels are androgynous, they are genderless but you may find you are drawn to feeling a more feminine energy or masculine depending on your own energy’s.

It is very important to go with how you feel rather than what you are being told or reading about for you too is unique.
The word Angel is derived from the ancient Greek Angelo’s, meaning messenger.

While there are many stories that feature people saying they have seen or heard angels it may more common to feel them, this is because they vibrate at a frequency that is usually beyond our visual and auditory range however this beings that are sensitive may be able to tune in to their angelic waveband. meditation certainly helps, I’ve been lucky enough to have had the strong energies of several angels through meditation especially from archangel Michael, archangel Gabriel, Archangel Metatron and through my angelic Reiki later last year archangel chammeal. And as I’ve said, each one brings in a different vibration and energy relevant to that time.

The angels of the 7th dimension are your Guardian Angels and others who help humans. Before we were born I believe we were spirit and we are now having a human experience, each one of us has a guardian angel that will help protect us. At our spirit stage we agreed to a life’s plan ,our guardian angel will guide us and we may feel drawn to people or hear in our mind words – this I believe is our guidance to help us to keep to that path. Temptation and free will pass us by and part of our life lessons will have been agreed within this, even an enemy who challenges and strengthens you. Your Guardian Angel organises all co-incidences and synchronicity, however to know you have someone to call upon for that extra guidance and strength does make the journey easier.

If your soul has agreed that you need an experience illness or accident for your spiritual growth or even if it is time for you to pass over, your Guardian Angel must step aside. No one can contravene the free will of your soul. However, if this is not the case, your Guardian Angel will step in and help you. Remember to say ‘Thank you’ when you have had a near miss!

As free will is important so it should be noted that the spiritual law is – ask and you shall receive – if it is for highest good ask your angels for help and they will act, because of free will they must wait until you ask them, but trust me the moment you allow them to start assisting you and working with you amazing things will start to happen.

The most common sign is a white feather, again there are many stories where people have had white feathers in unusual places and I am no stranger to that, they’ve appeared in rooms that I am about to cleanse when they were not there a few minutes earlier, they’ve appeared when doors and windows are closed in my hall way, when I’ve asked for assistance within a few minutes I will come across one, it’s very important to trust and say thank you.

A long time I ago I was told to only ask once for something don’t keep repeating it as the once will be enough and there is an element of disbelieve if you need to ask more, I stick to this strongly, once I’ve asked I sat thank you and let it go.
Sometimes I will be getting the answer but not in the way I thought so being flexible to outcomes is also important, sometime you have to re word the question, a word of caution, be very specific in sending out thoughts as detail is very important for you may not get quite what you bargained for although you will get what you need.

So how do you communicate with these lovely angels, first it’s important to remember they want to help or assist you and nothing is too much trouble. Think, read or talk about them for this helps you to be on their wave length. You may have to be in a quiet space so you can meditate to feel them easier and this will also help in hearing them through your thoughts easier.

As people become more clairvoyant they start to see the light off the angels but this does not always happen. Most people just sense their presence or know they are there. So start your communication by knowing they are with you. Then talk or think to them and trust the angelic thoughts that drop into your head in response. They will always be positive and good.




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