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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Aprils Mystic Newsletter

Welcome to Aprils Mystic News letter! 

Hello there, I love the spring!

It’s my fave time full of hope new life and has an excited buzz about all sorts of possibilities

It’s a great time to see how you can gain balance in your life as the day and night have equal balance today a perfect balance of the years wheel

This is when your seeds from Imbolc should start to be shooting m, ideas that you had at the beginning of the year, now you can see if they are working or not have they started to show as possible fruition ir have they been long forgotten? The ground is fertile abd so are we with new hope & possibilities ahead

The light is now shining out the dark, thus is the perfect time to balance everything – light and dark, masculine & feminine energy, work & home, relationships & friendships

Nature is coming to life again, we are coming to life again, can you feel that lift of energies from the past few months

Aries season is also here

Aries are dynamic, fun and excitable, the energy is just that! The first of the astrological wheel, they kick the year off with a real spring in their step. Combined with Spring Equinox, lock down restrictions easing, here in the UK there is a new positive vibe in the air!

Aries asks that you put yourself first, but be aware of others needs also, get moving, use this fiery energy to take action, start new beginnings, be motivated. This is a great time to take a look at yourself and how you want to put yourself out there to the world.

Tempers could also flair up now so be careful with your quick words and actions. The good news is that Aries don’t usually hold a grudge!

We also have the full moon in libra

As every full moon it is a time of realisation, letting go and things coming full circle for you

The libra full moon relates to relationships, balance and brining harmony into your life

This moon will bring to life what you have experienced within yourself and relationships and lessons learnt form the last 12 months and support any changes still needed by you to bring harmony into your life

We have hot cross bun day! And Easter. I couldn’t resist doing a Tarot spread for these! The tradition of baking bread marked with a cross is linked to paganism as well as Christianity. The pagan Saxons would bake cross buns at the beginning of spring in honour of the goddess Eostre, most likely being the origin of the name Easter. The cross represented the rebirth of the world after winter and the four quarters of the moon, as well as the four seasons and the wheel of life. Spring, summer, Autumn winter & the 4 elements Fire, water, Air, & Earth I like to think of the 4 suits in tarot Also Wands, Cups, Swords & Pentacles. 

Easter, most likely takes its name from the names of goddesses associated with spring, vernal equinox and renewal. Eostre was the Saxon mother goddess. The start of new light, new begging and fertile ground for new hope & rebirth.The rabbit, a symbol of fertility and agility, was sacred to Ostara. Eggs, chicks, green grass, and sweets speak to the ancient celebration of new life and rebirth during warm spring days. Many ancient pagan cultures exchanged eggs as a celebration of the changing season into spring and the blessing of fertility.

What a beautiful way to Start April!

With the lockdown news of restrictions being lifted, there certainly is a step of spring in the air!

From April 20th my face to face readings & therapies can go ahead and from May 17th we will be open fully as Mystic Coffee Lounge serving you yummy breakfasts, lunches and more!

Over the past few months we have been busy with re branding, filling the shelves with fabulous stock for you and creating some fabulous new workshops and courses. We are currently working on adding the stock to the website www.mysticcoffeelounge.co.uk

We are open Thursdays 11-2 until may 17thfor take away and stock collections

To book a reading contact www.katemay.co.ukor text 07800734911

To check out your monthly Tarot scopes for April https://katemay.co.uk/wp-admin/post.php?post=7013&action=edit

New to launch is our Mystic and Holistic directory, I honestly get so many people asking me do I know someone who does this or that, so ta da, This directory is a one stop shop for all your mystic and holistic needs including, past life regression, feng shui, therapies, readings and more! Details will be coming super soon!

After running my VIP group for several months I am changing the vibe! May will see the new VIP Mystic Members lounge launch. To become a member it is starts at just £11 a month email me for details prior to the launch Katemysticmay@gmail.com

Social media – I have become more active within my groups, Instagram and youtube lately, posting tutorials and daily messages. Feel free to subscribe and follow

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 April Tarot message 

To kick of April here is your monthly tarot message – I have randomly picked the 9 of Pentacles

When the 9 of pentacles appears in a reading it is a sign of abundance and luxury. This card indicates news of hard work paying off and bearing fruits for you to enjoy.

The energy you put into something has a positive twist this month of brining you success and fruition

This card brings self-confidence, discipline, and signs that you reap what you sow. You will soon be able to enjoy some of life luxury’s

When this card appears, it is showing you that you can splash the cash a little, treat yourself and reward your efforts. This is about you though, it may be tempting to spend your hard earn money or security on others, but they must know they also need to work hard to get they’re just desserts. The woman in the card encourages you to be independent, and create a life where  you can build your own security and wealth. This isn’t the time to rely on others or allow others to jump in on your financial creations.

This card appears when you have financial independence, you are free to celebrate your abundance as you please. This is a 9 however not a 10, which represents the final attainment of monetary success, but as a 9 you are well on your way to achieving it with new opportunities that could pave the way for more abundance.

From the lush green colours  in the card, you can enjoy nature, are comfortable and well connected to Mother Earth and all her blessings.  You may be looking to relocate to somewhere grand or where nature surrounds you. Decorating your home, with gorgeous materials or freshening up your home to reflect your wealth and social status.

The snail in the picture reminds you that things take time, creating a secure and comfortable life takes time, rushing things now may hinder your results. Doing things slow and steady taking your time to accumulate things will bring you your rewards.

The message of this card is of great abundance, security and reaping your rewards, the fruits for your labour are paying off leaving you secure, abundant and able to enjoy life’s luxuries

Following the theme, the Crystal of the moon is in connection with abundance – Pyrite

Also known as Fools gold. This brings financial abundance positive energy and sunshine into your life! This stone supports your own ability and potential to stimulate abundance, financial security and strong ideas, bringing confidence and persistence to see things through for a fabulous result

Keep this in your purse, and in your wealth area of your home.




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