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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Angel wingsArchangel Ariel,  also known as the lion or lioness of the god. Archangel Ariel is a celestial angelic being with the angelic order known as the Archangels.

Felt as a feminine vibration although you may feel her more masculine as it’s a personnel acceptance.
To me personally I see a beautiful pale pink and honey colouring around her but some may see it slightly different and with some form of lioness attachment there.

Working closely with King Solomon in conducting manifestation, spirit replacement and divine magic.

Described in my books and literature Archangel Ariel is associated with mysticism and cabalistic magic, but also with a strong protection and guide over the animal and nature spirits kingdom.

Aligned with the natural world, and animals, fairies, sprites, and elementals she is a guardian and healer and an ally towards conservation of the natural world. Strongly associated with water and the fishes and birds Archangel Ariel may contact you or be contacted for help with purifying and protecting lakes, streams, and their inhabitants. Working alongside Archangel Raphael for his healing energy with both wild and domestic animals.

For those interested in connecting with the elemental kingdom Archangel Ariel will act and angelically liaise, providing a platform for positive interactions with fairies, nature spirits, sprites and other elementals.

Encouraging us to spend time within natural world, reminding us that there is magical healing energy found in nature that will restore and rejuvenate our body mind and spirit and helping to provide us with clearer insights to situation and more positive thoughts.

Through the power of projected thoughts and through our words Archangel Ariel reminds us that we our powerful and that positive manifestations create wonderful opportunities.

To release yourself of fear based thoughts and fear related patterns and cycles – connect to Archangel Ariel energy and with her healing you will soon release these. Encouragement into the new and breaking free, stepping out of your comfort Archangel Ariel energy’s will give you courage and strength.

As you would expect she is associated with the wind and this may be how you feel or sense her around. Closely linked to the moon and emotions, use her moon magical energy for the different phases of the moons phases of life magic especially  on a full moon  releasing and a new moon for fresh starts and encourage a very personal journey – In this last week I lost my beloved cat baby for over 10 days, although seeing lots of white feathers I was still fearful of his return, yesterday I opened my angel book to see who I should be writing about this month and it was opened on Archangel Ariel – animal protector, with much delight I had a call from someone saying he had been found well and safe and was been looked after by a family who thought he was a stray. Coincidence? There is no such thing!

Stone – moon stone




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