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Hands With wingssArchangel Azrael – Known as the Angel of transition or the Angel of death. He is connected with all transitions and so accounts for all occasions of change. The naming of Azrael is “whom god helps” and his role firstly is to help the crossing over of souls during their passing. Azrael is a celestial angelic being within the angelic order known as the archangels,these are responsible for ministering to humans like “manager angels”Arc angles oversee the responsibility’s of guardian Angels and other celestial light beings that act as our guardians and guides.

Azrael was the first to be an Archangel. He is also an Angel of Akasha, a master keeper of the Akashic records overseeing our recording of our lives and the detailing of our karmic debts incurred and settled.

Not long after his creation it is believed Azrael was assigned to study a phenomenon not well understood at that time,the disposition of human souls. The angels had long known some souls arrived safe in heaven and some had not,reincarnation and oblivion were one thought but no one really knew where the missing souls were going and so Azrael was given the word of death to ensure all souls would arrive safely and be guided or counselled to help with difficult passing .In his research it is believed the revelation of the fate of those humans who were weighed down by their selfishness.They were banished to a neither realm on the celestial plane – known as hell.

This revelation appalled heaven and so Azrael was elevated to Archangel and given his duties,He and his servitors would gently separate ghosts and dream shades from their anchors, retrieve pagan souls from their ethereal domains and prevent the demons from claiming any new souls that didn’t belong to them. Azrael and his servitors were also to teach humans to accept death that it was merely a transition to their next state and that if they lived their lives well with good intent they had no need to fear it.

Azrael also learnt to forgive and help souls who were damned to hell to suffer for all eternity for mistakes they had made in their too short mortal existence. He began ministering to them and convert those to selflessness and liberating them.
Quiet and composed with great strength he will work with grief councillors to help shield them from absorbing their clients aches and pains and to guide their words and actions for maximum effective. Also working deeply with mediums and whose life purpose involves providing spiritual guidance.It is no wonder he is the Angel of the moon with all this emotional energy.

Call upon Archangel Azrael to help comfort a loved one who is nearing their passing and who may be suffering.
Call upon him for those left behind he will surround grieving family members with his healing energy and divine light to help them.

Meditate with Archangel Azrael and he will provide opportunity to release peace ,give comfort knowing your loved ones are safe and well in spirit,heal and transcend grief, guilt, regret forgiven or any other energy that is ready to be released and healed in relation to the transition of a loved one.

His colour is often seen as pale yellow or similar to vanilla.
Ruling sign – Scorpio
Ruling planet – Pluto
Crystal – yellow calcite




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