Archangel Gabriel, his name coming from man of god, translated to god is mighty.

Being 5th of the 5 angels who keep watch and one of the holy angels in charge of the serpents, the guardian and the cherubim.

Usually portrayed with certain distinguishing characteristics, he typically wears blue or white garments and holds a shinning lantern. A branch from paradise presented to him by the otokos, or a spear in his right hand and often a mirror in his left hand. With a copper aura, and wearing crystal stones of citrine or the precious metal copper.

He is the 2nd ray of the visible rainbow spectrum, the orange ray and influences the sacral chakra although his colour changes to white when used as the transmuting 4th dimension ray of the root chakra..

Balancing body energies levels increasing vitality. On an emotional level Archangel Gabriel ameliorates grief, eases bereavement and loss, and enhances creativity optimism and a view of life that is positive. Call up him in times of difficult change.

Also known for helping people in creations with the arts, dance, writings, and teachings, he will help act as a coach inspiring you and helping to overcome fears and procrastinating.

Archangel Gabriel mission is to announce mankind’s salvation, and act as the messenger of important occasions.
Teacher and messenger of truth. Definitely an angel of action he will guide you to new doors opening and pathways leading you to your goals.

Featuring prominently in the bible it is believed he first appeared to Zachariah telling him his barren wife would have a child, the appearing again to announce the birth of theotokos to her parents, and it is believed to be Archangel Gabriel who appeared to Joseph in a dream telling him of Marys pregnancy before appearing to the shepherds with the message of the nativity. He was the key figure in revealing to humanity the incarnation and the resurrection of Jesus.

Having a close association with maternity, in his role Archangel Gabriel also guides hopeful parents towards child conception or through the process of adopting a child.

Giving strength and courage to those new parents and helping them to stay centred in a blissful faith to create the best atmosphere for their baby.

Also considered the Archangel of dreams and premonitions and clairvoyance – in Jewish scriptures, where the spirit aided the prophet Daniel in the interpretations of his dream visions.

Being a communicator and mediator between heaven and earth, Catholics hold Archangel Gabriel to be patron saint of broadcasters, telecommunications workers, diplomats and messengers.

Featuring also heavily in the Koran it is believed he appeared to Mohammed and dictated the Koran to him.
As with all the angels and anything of asking, it it’s customary to give an offering of some kind in return. Appropriate offerings to Archangel Gabriel can be that of white flowers or music.

Crystal – Danburite
planet – moon
zodiac sign – cancer
5th day in the moons cycle
Season/direction – autumn – west
Elemental – water