Archangel Jophiel

Hands With wingssBeaming her ray of yellow colours she is often known as the sunshine ray and beauty of God, as the Archangel of art and beauty she helps us to see the beauty that surrounds us and within us and others. Archangel Jophiel was said to be present in the Garden of Eden and later was said she watched over Noah’s sons.

Her energies are that of fun, and positive vibrations helping us to see the best in a situation and to create beauty in our homes, work and relationships.

Known also as the Archangel of wisdom who works closely with the angels from the halls of wisdom.

Archangel Jophiel energies will help you develop a fresh approach to life bringing back enchantment and pleasure.

Through the multitude of higher self-dimensions Archangel Jophiel can help you build connections to align you to this higher self, thought as a cosmic ladder.

Helping you instantly recover from soul fragments that may have been damaged by shock, fright or severe illness.
Strong energies from Archangel Jophiel associated with her are the wisdom flame, intuition perception joy bliss and soul illumination.

With these energies call upon her to assist with absorbing new information or when you need clear mental perception.
As a winter approaches her energies are perfect to get that boost of and motivation sometimes much needed, especially those that suffer from S.A.D. seasonal affectional disorder, calling upon her energies to draw near will help you create the life that you want for yourself. Along with Archangel Michael they will help you find the strength to shift lower energies and start seeing the cup half full rather than half empty.

Related to personnel power, confidence and finding the balance between over or under confident, low self-esteem and courage and emotional stability.

Crystal – yellow jasper, citrine and sandstone
Solar plexus
Fire element

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