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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Archangel Sandalphen

Angel wingsOne of only two archangels where his name does not end in a el meaning God in Hebrew and one of only two archangel’s who were once mortal, his twin brother is archangel Metron. Archangel sandalphen was known a the profit Elijah while archangel Materon as the wise scribe Enoch.

It is believed God gave them immortal assignments as archangels to read them of their good work on earth. Often read that Elijah was with his son when a fiery chariot came they’re way and pulled by 2 horses on fire accompanied by a whirlwind he was not seen again on earth.

His main role is to carry human prayers to God weaving them together with different faiths and hope to have Gods blessing.
Ruler of the 7th heaven is is known as the Archangel of prayer and mercy. Ruler and protector of prayer hope faith and music. so tall that he extents from earth to heaven but gentle and gives whispering of messages especially within music and the words.
Thought to be the guardian of the very bottom sphere on the tree of life ,so through his discernment that you ascend onto the next level in kabbalistic tradition. Also associated with the earth realm he is guardian of nature elements healing the earth and helpful with grounding and elemental connections.

In keeping with this Archangel Sandalphen is said to be down to earth loving and sensitive. Beautiful earthy greens and turquoise in colour with gemstones of the same colour turquoise align his vibration.

From his personnel experience he knows what it is to live a mortal life and to ascend through the physical realm to higher levels of consciousness.

As ambassador of prayers hopes and music he reminds us of the powers within these and of spirit and trust and divine timings. strongly associated to heavenly celestial and music and serves as a angelic muse to musicians, composers and singers. Aligns with all forms of sound therapy for healing and clearing energy and raising the vibration.

Connect to Archangel Sandalphen for a stronger connection with absent healing and healing through divine source while releasing your prayers.

CRYSTAL – Fulgurite – creates a vortex of purified energy which raises the users vibrational rate so having the power to improve all physical ailments




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