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Aries New Moon

A new moon and a new season!

Starting right after the spring equinox, this new moon is full of hope, promise and bursting with a new you vibe!

Every new moon brings us new ways of doing things, new ways of acting, thinking and being. It’s a time of awakening your soul to new energies all round now. As the start of the new zodiac season, this brings a perfect blend of new beginnings.

This moon carries with it new manifestation energy and a breath of fresh air. Opening your mind to completely new way of being and opening the door of opportunities and a new look.

Aries energy is passionate, fierce, powerful and determined. They are no 1 in the Zodiac and focus on themselves. This is the time to put your own needs first, however, be mindful not to talk over others, another Aries trait. Tap into your passions, desires and where you want to put your energy now.

Newness is destined to arrive under this New Moon. If you have wanted to make some changes in your life; if it’s time for you to seek opportunities elsewhere, this New Moon is on your side. It is likely that it will also bring surprises and new awakenings that may shock you at first but brings bout an AH HA moment or light bulb moment. These changes and surprises are needed for this new chapter.

We are blessed with two Aries New Moons in 2023, the March 21st New Moon is the first, and the second comes in the form of a Solar New Moon Eclipse on April 19th.

These two Aries New Moons will work together with the March New Moon falling at the start of Aries at 0-1 degrees and the April Solar New Moon Eclipse falling at the end of Aries at 29 degrees.

If the March New Moon is at the beginning of Aries and the April New Moon Solar Eclipse at the end, chances are, whatever comes up for us on the March New Moon will only be part of the story. The rest of the story will be revealed to us under that potent and powerful Solar Eclipse come April.

These Luna changes, encourages you to take a leap of faith and be fearless in your choices. The universe has your back!

Shortly after this New Moon on March 23, Pluto moves into Aquarius for the first time in over 200 years. This move of Pluto is one of the most significant cosmic events of 2023, and falling right after the New Moon indicates more fresh energy building for us.

Pluto moving into Aquarius is a once-in-a-lifetime energy and indicates a new cycle opening for us on both a personal and collective level.

Pluto represents transformation and power. It can bring destruction, but through that destruction, we are able to rebirth something new and far more powerful.

With Pluto moving so close to the New Moon, it seems whatever new beginning is opening for us, something may need to burn, but a rebirth from the ashes is destined to follow.

This is the perfect time to create your manifestations, think about what you want to create in your new life, plant the seeds and draw the positive opportunities that will come your way. You may literally feel like you are being born again, turning over a new page on a new chapter. How exciting!

Some of you may know I’m ready to take a leap of faith and have offered the coffee shop part of the lounge up for a sublet. I will still be in the shop with my readings and haling ect and the crystal part of the shop will stay the same, however I have am super excited about the new things I can out my time onto and welcoming a new team into the lounge! I woke up just last week and put it out there without much though – Aries is influence! And now with this new moon energy and spring equinox it couldn’t have been at a better time.

Ask yourself what new ways of living you want to create.

What are your manifestations?

How can you be the best version of yourself?

Where is your focus and drive now?




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