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Aries New Moon Tarot Spread

New moon in Aries Tarot Spread

New moon in Aries Tarot Spread

New Moon in Aries

This new moon is supper powerful because it is also the start of the new astrological year. Pisces season marked the end and Aries now marks the beginning.

As every new moon, this brings us to new opportunities, new ideas, new love and new life. Due to the power of the astrological new year, this doubles the energy and as we have another new moon on April 30th giving us a another chance of the a new start!

Things start moving now. This new moon is a great time to start new intentions, begin initiations and start what you want to fulfil over the next 6-12  months. The magic of manifesting can start now, it is the building block for the type of energies we’re going to witness and experience this astrological year, so make sure your in a good vibe!

Aries energy is dynamic and powerful, you may feel in a rush to get things done and impulsive now, but be cautious you don’t sign yourself up to things that to cant fulfil or rush into anything without having some patience

Do remember before you start any of these new to forgive and be compassionate with your past and past events so you are completely  ready for this new vibe

Aries is the Warrior Archetype – courageous, brave and enthusiastic, this sign leads us all into a brighter future. With his ruler of this New Moon, Mars, we see  independence  and freedom fighting. Ths is a time to rely on your own self, not to lean on others now.

Think about what you can do to bring your independence back, to be a leader, how can you break free of old ways and pave the way for a new and more self-expressive, confident version of yourself? Aries is the opposite of a people-pleaser. Aries knows that putting oneself first is the key to success, and isn’t afraid to take the lead and assert their will.

One of the most touching and endearing qualities about this sign is their trust in the highest good. Aries, always well-intentioned, doesn’t do lies, falsehood and deception, what you see, is what you get. We do not need to hide ourselves now. Be true to you. The cosmos is asking us, in fact, to step forward and dare to inspire others with bold leadership. So, where in your life can you take the lead? How can you become more innovative, independent and self-sufficient?

Aries evokes the energy of our inner warrior so as we approach this new moon it’s a great time to confront our fears & do that which scares us most to reclaim our personal power

Moving into excitable Aries, with warrior mars as its ruler, we have no or less fear now. If there is something you have been trying to get off the ground, or planning to do, now is a great time for you to take that action, that next step. Be brave, Be daring. Know what you want and go for it!

With its quick-thinking sensibilities, Aries is great at putting out fires, but its tendency to act and speak without thinking make it just as likely to fan the flames. Use your words with kindness, don’t rush into things you may later regret doing or saying. 

Aries governs the first house in Astrology, yourself, and how others see you, a great time for reinventing yourself and shouting about who you really are with no shame. 

Depending on what house your Aries and moon sit in within Astrology, that’s the main focus of your new intent. Whatever area you are naturally drawn for a re vamp, it will probably fall there. Mine is my 4thhouse for both so home decorating & family connections. It could easily be any area though, finances, relationships, health. Check in and see where you are drawn intuitively to shape up now. 

Here is an Aries Tarot spread for you to try!

is an Aries Tarot spread for you to try!

*New ideas to spark up

*Inspiration coming your way

*How can you lead now

*Best way to stay focused

*Fiery Passions to action right away

Tarot message for this new moon




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