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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Aries Season Tarot spread

Aries Season Tarot Spread

aries season tarot spread


Key words

Positive – Ambitious, independent, energetic Passionate, Fun

Negative – Impatient, selfish, controlling, quick to anger,

The sign of Aries is represented by the Ram, their power animal

The first sign of the zodiac when the sun enters Aries on the March 21st until April 19th. They govern new beginnings, leadership, initiative and self 

As a fire sign they are fiery, chatty, impulsive and energetic. They are not afraid to speak their mind and put themselves or those they love first. They are passionate and indecent. They won’t do things they are not 100% happy or committed with. They can be competitive and like to be the best at everything.

They make loyal friends, although will tell you how it is, are smart and juggle many things at once.

They are highly opinionated but because they believe they are right and helping you see things better.

A short temper they boil quick but also calm down quick once they have said their piece. They have a childlike energy although often wiser than their years. 

Courage’s and determined, they follow the beat of their own drum

They dislike those that can’t make up their minds or those makes excuses for everything.

A masculine energy, natural born leaders, they like to dominate and be the boss. They work well in self employed jobs, or jobs that give them a chance to explore, be creative learn and take risks. Management, hairstylist, PR, Fire fighter, and  governor

As one of the bravest of the sun signs, Aries love a venture and don’t have a problem making changes. Hard to predict, they can be very spontaneous.

Aries are fun to be with and usually have a good connection wither friendships and relationships

They re super honest and tell it like it is. They can work out the fakes straight away and will have no time for any pretences

Although fiery and loud, they have a soft gentle heart which they wear on their selves and make no excuses for their feelings

Aries rule the head so may suffer from headaches and overthinking.

Tarot Card – The Emperor

Element –Fire

Crystal – Diamond

Herbs – Basil, Nettle, Geranium

Metal – iron, Copper

Ruling Planet – Mars

Ruling House – First

Colour – Red

Animal/Symbol – Ram

Flower/Thistle & honeysuckle

Body – Head brain and eyes

Aries Season Tarot spread

Aries influence





Aries Tarot message

Aries Season Tarot spread

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