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Astro Tarot Deck


Astro Tarot Deck

Delivery by June 2024

(Subject to change)


The Astro Tarot Deck is a combination of the traditional Rider Waite style deck, combined with Astrology connections to give it a modern twist!

Within the 78 cards lies a transformative journey towards enlightenment. Each card, a masterpiece of artistry, adds a magical touch to the foundational concepts of Rider Waite through vibrant colours and enhanced imagery, unravelling the intricate symbolism of the mystical realm.

What sets this deck apart is its profound celestial essence. Infused within every card are the mysteries of Astrology, establishing a celestial bond. The top section of the cards introduces essential Tarot terminology, while the bottom delves into celestial connections, even within the minor arcana.

The accompanying guidebook is a reservoir of wisdom, shedding light on traditional Tarot principles and unveiling celestial secrets. It offers crucial Tarot definitions for both upright and reversed card positions, a variety of Tarot spreads, and profound insights into Astrology, enriching the journey with profound wisdom.

An intriguing feature of the guidebook is the inclusion of QR codes on select cards, leading to the creator’s mysterious website, where deeper Tarot revelations await. Let the Astro Tarot Deck be your guiding light as you embark on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment, where the fusion of Tarot and celestial influences illuminates your journey.

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