Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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August Tarotscopes

August Tarotscopes from Kate May Modernday Mystic

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4 swords – Dispute this being a fire month, you need some R&R. The card drawn for you this month represents rest and recuperation. Take some time out for you to rest and re charge your self. This will allow you to come back fully charged and ready to go!

What ever is on your mind or where ever you have being putting your attention of late, take a step back, and put to one side while you refresh your energy. You may have reached a certain point with great success and now you need to sit back and recharge, ready for your next project later. Resting this month will help balance your mind body and soul.

What ever you have been going through this card asks you to reflect and take a break. This may be challenging for some, to stay still, to pause but trust me when I say, you need it now and any replenished energy will go in your favour.


7 Cups – Too many things on your mind doesn’t help you this month. You have lots of choices and decisions to make and may not know which way to turn. Don’t go for the first thing thats offered or for the shiniest! Emotions may be cloudy, which wont help your choices, so don’t rush them. People and situations will show their true colours in time, and the unopened boxes that seem so appealing will show whats on offer if you wait a while and bind your time.

What may seem a great idea at first may not be so and what may seem a worthless cause may end up being the one! The Seven of Cups is a card of new opportunities, choices, and at times, illusion. You may be prone to illusion and unrealistic ideals. Dig deep into the ieas or choices on offer this month Taurus


2 Cups – The Two of Cups for you this month sees a union of togetherness. You may be connecting to a new partner in love, or in work. Whoever you are connecting with, you are on the same page. While its an early stage of development, it does have the potential to grow. There is a meeting of minds and you are both coming together as one with respect.

If you are in a relationship or partnership already, this month may seem it growing stronger or having to deal with situations that you are both in agreement with. Love may be in the air. This is a very positive month that sees working together in 2s as favorable. Compatibility is the magic word for you this month!


10 swords – This month is the start of the end! Its the end of difficult times, the end of karmic debt, the end leading to new beginnings. This may feel a mentally challenging month however there is light at the end of the tunnel when this card is chosen.

You may be trying to change old habit, old ways or see that life has it changes. This August its about accepting things even the hard times and then turning it in your favour. The bright side of this card is that it is the end. The final. The last piece of that difficult situation or source

Leo – 6 cups – This is your month Leos but you may be feeling nostalgic, remembering happy family times as you celebrate your birthday. You may be spending time making happy memories with your loved ones.

The Six of Cups reminds you to get in touch with your inner child and experience the fun, freedom and innocence that comes with being a young child again. It could be that the summer holidays that are now upon us, sees you spending more time with Children and enjoying their innocence and childlike fun. What ever your plans – fun and happy memories are what this month is all about

Virgo – 4 Pentacles – This card shows a good strong foundation is being built and money is building with that, you may be saving up for something special or just holding on tightly to what you’ve worked for. This is great for businesses and savings but be aware of being to tight, too restricted with your building – be mindful of still needing flexibility in your life, you are in danger of becoming to restricted to material things or what you have worked hard for.

Remember money flows better when it is used. Holding on to material things or emotions for that matter wont serve you in the long run, be open to be a little more generous and removes the emotional blocks your may be holding tightly

Libra – The Magician – This card is wonderful for you! You should not doubt yourself at all this month, have the confidence to do what you want. You have all the tools to do the job and may choose different pathways to achieve your goal. This is the start of something magical, something youve been dreaming about for a while. You may have to use a little intuition and dare I say trickory to get what ou want? Or be aware of whats behind the scenes. You can create the power you want to achieve this month. Manifest your desires without anything stoping you.

Scorpio – The Knight of cups – You may have an invitation to something, it looks all shiny and exciting but be aware of still needing to be grounded with any offers. You may be asked to go deep in your heart and feel what you really want out of situations rather than waste more precious time on things that simply have been romanticized.

Great for single scorpios there could be love in the air, for those attached it could be deepening or needing to think deeply about those desires. Any offers that come your way sound amazing – just make sure they really are as good as they first seem

Sagittarius – The Hanged man – You are at life’s cross roads this month! You may have to think for a while and hang around while you do so. Choices will need to be looked at from all sides and different angles. Look at the bigger picture, the long term outlook here.

Sacrifices may have to be made in order to move forward. Don t make big plans this month if you can help it, see what needs to be let go off, wait and swing back and forth before you make your final decision.

Capricorn – 8 pentacles – You are one of the most hard working signs of the zodiac and this month sees no change there. You may have new projects you want to start but you are reminded here to finish things off first, pay attention to details of what you have already started. Whatever area of your life you are needing that attention right now, its important that you pay attention.

Your hard work will pay off and you can then start new things with less pressure. Focus on whats important , whats needed and put all your eggs in that basket! This may even mean paying attention on yourself. Focusing on your own needs instead of others right now. Whatever area needs that attention, this is the month to do it in

Aquarius – Death Card – Changes are coming. The end of a cycle and the start of new ones. Don t get freaked out by the death card as some do, this simply means changes are occurring this month. This may have a positive outcome with new light being shed after a while of uncertainty.

You are aware that something needs to end or is coming to a natural end now and while you may not be able to fight that any more, you will see new life forming from it.

Pisces – The Sun – Happiness, fun freedom and adventure are all yours this month. Family times, creating joyous memories, being playful these are all fabulous indications of whats on offer this August.

Letting go of worries and enjoying the summer sun. Be creative with your ideas and ventures. Be wild and free and encourage that in your life right now. This is a great card that promotes happy family’s





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