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10 Week Course

Want to learn the Tarot Cards?

Currently only availbale as E course for 2024

If you’ve attempted to learn the Tarot on multiple occasions but have struggled to commit the card meanings to memory, I can provide a solution. My approach involves straightforward techniques that not only facilitate learning but also enable you to tap into your intuition for deeper and more meaningful results.

This Tarot course is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to begin their Tarot journey. It will guide you through understanding the meanings of each card individually and teach you how to interpret them when they appear in spreads. The provided workbook, Tarot journal, and card files will be invaluable tools to support your learning.

This course also encourages you to use your intuition, which is a vital aspect of reading tarot. Remember, the more you practice and trust your intuition, the more confident and skilled you’ll become as a tarot reader.

I’ve designed a comprehensive 10-week course, which includes an easy-to-read and printable workbook, along with accompanying files for your notes. The course encompasses detailed card information complete with key words, practical Tarot tips, an array of Tarot spreads, as well as valuable insights into connecting astrology and numerology with the Tarot.

During each week of the course, we delve into the meaning of each Tarot card, and we engage in practical one-on-one card readings. To ensure flexibility and accessibility, every session is recorded and made available in a private group, granting you the convenience to revisit and review the material at your leisure.

This course is tailored to help you not only grasp the fundamentals of Tarot but also deepen your connection with the cards and nurture your intuitive abilities. It provides a structured and supportive environment for your Tarot learning journey.

What my students say 

“I took this class to not only learn the tarot, but also in the hope of it helping me my psychic skills. Kate’s unique style of teaching made the daunting task of learning the cards and their meanings easy and practical. The class was always fun and interesting, and Kate is very knowledgeable and experienced. I not only improved my psychic skills but what Kate taught us with the tarot could never be learned from a book! Highly recommend”.

Michelle former Student 

How do I work

My teaching approach combines an enjoyable and informative method that incorporates straightforward techniques to assist you in mastering the meanings of each Tarot card. Moreover, my primary focus is to empower you to harness your intuition effectively, allowing you to imbue the cards with your unique interpretations.

From the very beginning, I incorporate practical sessions into the learning process. These hands-on experiences provide you with ample opportunities to build your Tarot reading skills and gain valuable real-world experience. My aim is to ensure that you not only understand the Tarot on an intellectual level but also develop a deep and intuitive connection with the cards.

Former Student…

“I set out to learn the tarot cards for about 2 years on my own, but it never sunk in until I took Kate’s course.  I love the way she breaks it down, talks about 1 card at a time and then mixes in practical sessions. She is funny, engaging, personable and very experienced. I am so grateful to Mavis Pittilla for recommending her”

Tarot Course Beginners

I invite you to join me on an engaging and enlightening journey into the world of Tarot card reading.

Throughout this course, we will delve into the Fool’s journey and explore all 78 Tarot cards in great detail. You’ll have the opportunity to develop your own interpretations and benefit from my insights. We will also unravel various Tarot spreads, with a special focus on the traditional Celtic Cross 10-card layout.

Within the course materials, you will find notes on interpreting reversed cards, as well as introductions to the connections between Tarot, astrology, and numerology. Although the primary focus will be on the upright Tarot card meanings and images, these additional perspectives will enrich your understanding.

I will also guide you in understanding the moral responsibilities and ethical considerations associated with Tarot card reading. You will learn how to use your cards effectively, whether for clients or personal use. We will explore techniques for cleansing your cards between readings and how to open yourself psychically to conduct professional and safe readings.

Additionally, we will discuss the art of working intuitively and distinguishing between angel cards, oracle cards, and Native American card decks, enhancing your ability to interpret various card types.

As we progress through the course, each week will provide a structured and easily digestible format for in-depth exploration of each Tarot card. You’ll have the opportunity to add your own keywords and notes, fostering a deeper connection with each card. Practical reading practice will solidify your understanding.

To support your learning, you will have the option to download a PDF workbook for note-taking and a PDF Tarot course guidebook, encompassing all the essential information on each Tarot card. This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a proficient Tarot card reader.


We will meet for 1.5 hours each week with each session involving practical and theory work.

There is homework of practice readings each week to support your learning.

You Will Gain

This course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding of the meanings associated with all 78 Tarot cards. Moreover, it encourages the intuitive development of your own unique interpretations for each card. By the end of this journey, you will have a deep and personalised connection with the Tarot, enabling you to offer insightful and meaningful readings to yourself and others.

This course prioritises the cultivation of your intuitive capabilities and their harmonious integration into your Tarot card readings. It is designed to help you build trust in your intuition and effectively utilize it to elevate the depth and precision of your interpretations. By doing so, you will be well-equipped to provide readings that are not only more insightful but also deeply meaningful to your clients.

Throughout this course, we will delve into the ethical and moral dimensions of being a Tarot card reader. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of your responsibilities and the importance of conducting readings with integrity and empathy. This knowledge will guide you in providing ethical and considerate Tarot readings for your clients.

This course provides practical hands-on experience with a variety of Tarot card spreads. You will have the opportunity to work with different spreads, enhancing your ability to select and apply the most appropriate spread for various types of questions and readings. This practical exposure will strengthen your proficiency as a Tarot card reader.

A significant component of this course involves practical experience. You will have the opportunity to conduct Tarot card readings for fellow students within the course. This hands-on experience is invaluable for honing your reading skills, receiving feedback, and developing your confidence as a Tarot card reader.

By the end of this course, you will have established a strong and reliable foundation in practical Tarot reading. This foundation will enable you to confidently and effectively conduct Tarot readings, offering valuable insights and guidance to those seeking your services.

Additional Benefits

As a participant in this course, you will gain access to a private Facebook group dedicated to our class. Within this group, you will find recorded sessions that can be conveniently revisited whenever you require. It will also serve as a platform for communication and interaction with fellow course members. Essential updates, including dates, times, and Zoom links, will be posted here.

In addition to our class group, you will also be included in my broader community Facebook group. This larger community provides an opportunity to connect and engage with other individuals who share an interest in Tarot, fostering a rich and supportive environment for your Tarot journey


You will need

For this course, it is advisable to have pens and copies of the notes downloaded so that you can write on them and add your own keywords and insights.

You will also need either the Astro Tarot Deck or the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. It’s important to note that all the course materials and notes are based on the symbolism and images from the traditional Rider-Waite deck. If you choose to use another Tarot deck style, please keep in mind that the content will reference the symbols and imagery found in the Rider-Waite deck.


So many of my student’s report 

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with and build meaningful relationships within this community of like-minded individuals. Sharing your passion for Tarot and engaging with fellow enthusiasts can be an enriching and supportive experience.

Your faith and belief in Tarot will not only be bolstered by your own progress but also through the insights gained from fellow students’ readings and the guidance provided by your teacher. This collective experience will contribute to a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Tarot’s power and potential.

As you progress through this course, you will finally attain a comprehensive understanding of the Tarot. The knowledge and skills you acquire will enable you to interpret the cards with confidence and insight, unlocking the profound wisdom held within the Tarot’s symbolism and imagery.

What to expect

  • Lesson 1- Introduction. The fools Journey. Starting  with the Major Cards. Pracital
  • Lesson 2 – Major Cards Continued. Practical Practice reading with each other. 3 card Spread
  • Lesson 3 – Finish Major Cards. Practical Practice reading with each other. 3 & 5 card Spread.
  • Lesson 4 – The Celtic Cross. Practical Practice sessions reading with each other.
  • Lesson 5 – The Wands. Celtic Cross Practical Practice session with each other.
  • Lesson 6 – The Swords. Practical Practice session with each other.
  • Lesson 7 – The Cups. Practical Practice session with each other.
  • Lesson 8 – The Pentacles. Practical Practice session with each other.
  • Lesson 9 – Astrological Houses Tarot spread. Practical practice session.
  • Lesson 10 –  Bringing it all together practical practice session. Make your own spread up.
  • Home work each week: 
  • Practice what you have learned that week, gradually putting each suit together.

What do you get when you sign up for this Tarot Course?

    • 10  LIVE 90-minute Video Lessons with Kate
    • Q&A time with Kate with guidance and support
    •  LIVE Practice sessions each week to sharpen your Tarot skills
    • Files on each card downloadble PDF or book form
    • Downloadable PDF workbook or Physical workbook packed with Tarot tips, Astrology, and pages for your work
    •  BONUS: Early Bird Price Offer
    • PDF Worksheets and Homework Exercises
    • Connection and Community with your Tarot Family
    • Unlimited On Demand Access to Recordings and Materials

Beginners Tarot Course

If you’ve attempted to learn the Tarot multiple times but have struggled to remember the cards, I have a solution for you. My approach involves simple yet effective techniques to facilitate your learning and tap into your intuition, leading to deeper and more insightful results.

I’ve designed a 10-week course that includes an easy-to-read and printable workbook, along with files for taking notes. This course covers detailed information on each Tarot card, complete with key words, valuable Tarot tips, and a variety of Tarot spreads. Additionally, it explores the connections between Tarot, astrology, and numerology.

Each week, we will comprehensively study the meanings of each card, and you will engage in practical one-on-one card readings. The best part is that each session will be recorded and accessible within a private group, providing you with the flexibility to revisit the material at your convenience.

This course is structured to help you not only grasp the Tarot card meanings but also to harness your intuition, enabling you to achieve a deeper understanding and a more profound connection with the Tarot.

What Previous Students Say

Jackie Bee

Kate has tremendous expertise in tarot and it shows. She is a chock-full of resources and essential information.  She makes the class fun and interactive. When learning tarot there is a lot to memorize and learn – Kate makes it engaging.  There is ample practice time and the Facebook page is lively. She posts useful tips, videos, spreads, how-tos etc.  Kate is a gifted psychic, medium and teacher. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her. I feel confident that this class provided me a solid foundation in my tarot journey.  Thanks Kate!

Terri Meyerson Cohen

I would highly recommend Kate’s beginning Tarot online class. She provides a strong foundation to become better acquainted with the Tarot deck and how to use it. Each card is explained in detail as a way to help the student gain more confidence in interpreting the meaning of a spread. She is also very clear in letting us know that there is no right or wrong in your interpretation and how important it is to use your intuition. I will definitely continue learning about the Tarot with Kate!

A. S.

Loved learning Tarot with Kate, she explained things so clearly and helped with so many blocks I had from trying to learn before. I would recommend her course to everyone wanting to learn the tarot! Thanks Kate x

Amanda Rhodes

The readings I have had from Kate have always been incredibly accurate. She is so easy to get along with and relate to. She puts you at ease straight away.

I have also been lucky enough to have been taught by Kate. I have done her Tarot course. She made the tarot fun, relatable and easy to understand. I am still learning from Kate and I couldn’t recommend her enough. She’s brilliant. Xx

Michelle Parent

I have wanted to learn to do Tarot readings, however trying to teach myself was fruitless. I began Kate’s course as a complete beginner. I am so grateful for Kate and her teaching skills. She is a Tarot pro in her knowledge and her teaching style. She made the class easy and fun. By gaining understanding of the cards I have gained confidence in my psychic abilities and now can actually give decent readings. I am looking forward to Kate’s next course!  

Angela C. 

I would like to start by saying that prior to taking “Learn the Tarot with Kate May” class, I had no preconception about Tarot and had never experienced a Tarot reading.As synchronicity would have it, the opportunity came across my path and I got the sense that this was the opportunity to explore the art of Tarot journey and what it represents.Upon receiving my very first deck of Tarot cards prior to the class, I received the sense that this was not my first encounter with Tarot.  I also found out that my maternal grandmother used to do readings with a regular deck of cards, which I was not aware of.The class content is concise, the material covered has given me the most profound foundation and curiosity to learn more.  Kate is a radiant soul in the way that she teaches and exemplifies her passion for Tarot.  The wisdom shared by Mavis was also very inspirational.  When asked if I would be interested in another class that would further enhance my knowledge and experience with Tarot, I did what I was inspired to do, ask a yes or no question and pull a card.  The Wheel of Fortune card revealed itself. Thank you, Kate I have thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. 

Lois Morin

I thoroughly enjoyed my Tarot class with Kate. Kate is engaging, fun and a thoroughly gifted teacher. Her love and passion for Tarot is genuine and a joy to experience. She knows how to really get the information across, so you not only understand it but it kick starts your intuitive side and before you know it, you’re reading tarot! I am amazed at how much I learned and the confidence I have after this one class. I can’t wait to take another. If you’ve ever thought about learning Tarot this is the class to take. I loved it. Thanks Kate, for a wonderful class. 

Joan Beard

Loved the course Kate. A lot to absorb but it’s a great way to learn via Zoom and meeting people from across the globe, You are a great teacher as well and it will be so good to look back over the recorded lessons to pick up what we might have missed first time around 

Darcy Robinson

I would like to say how amazing this class was. I was a complete beginner in Tarot. Knew nothing and had never had a reading. I learned so much and am now comfortable reading the cards and interpreting what they mean in different positions. Kate is so cool, fun, humble and normal. Not too  woo woo mystical if you know what I mean. Wonderful teacher and accessible. The class was the perfect length. If you are considering it just do it! You will not regret taking this class.

Emma Rogers 

Review of the course: I had always wanted to learn tarot cards properly and lockdown was a great opportunity. The class is easy to follow and Kate is extremely knowledgeable as well as very approachable.  We learned each card individually and the Celtic Cross as well as some smaller spreads and practiced on each other. There was one week when we had the opportunity to read for people from outside the group. The classes were all via Zoom but that didn’t detract from the learning because we all felt included and had the opportunity to go back and watch each lesson afterwards or if we missed a week. Thanks Kate, I really enjoyed the class and will be back for more!

Shirley Collins

Kate, I loved the course. The way it was set up was very efficient for me to learn. Every week I felt as if I had something to practice or work on. Reviewing the classes, writing the notes by hand, and practicing with the cards helped me incorporate the teaching. The way you personally presented the class was outstanding. Your answers to the questions were clear and nonjudgmental. The environment you created was fun and empowering. Thank you!

Sue Hough

Katie is a true light worker. She dedicates so much of her time and energy to spirit and her work. Helping and giving direction for people embarking on their spiritual path. Everybody who knows Katie May knows her reputation precedes her. She works with integrity, honesty and compassion. She is both dazzling inside and out. A beautiful soul. One of the few people who when someone mentions her name it brings a smile to your face.

Louise Durocher Tokman 

I just completed Kate May’s Tarot class. Although I did my attendance a little differently than most. I learned a lot. She is an absolutely fabulous teacher with a lot of knowledge in tarot cards.

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