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Beltane Tarot Spread

Beltane Tarot Spread

Beltane is one of my fave times of year. Not only because it marks the summer months but also because it’s my birthday month!

Beltane marks the beginning of the pastoral summer season. Now and many years from the pagan days, rituals ere held, mainly using fire or symbolic of fire, to protect the live stock from both supernatural and natural harmful influences when it was driven out to summer pastures.

One of the four quarter day festivals, Beltane see’s many people coming together to celebrate the fertility lof the land and birth of summer

Beltane, roughly translates as bright fire and a very important ritual of lighting a bonfire or a made up wicca man as a symbol of purity and healing. People dance around this, and cattle would have been walked around d the fire to cleanse and purify and protect them as they went onto the fields

A time of court ship and fertility, celebrating abundance and new growth with possibilities and hope of a good harvest all round. Saying a good farewell to the dark and a welcome to the light

Here is a tarot spread for Beltane I created

*What is the Beltane energy around you now

*How can you remain grounded

*What is bringing you abundance

*How can you support your growth for the next 6 months

*Most fertile area

*Beltane tarot message




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