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Pisces Season

Pisces Key words Positive – Dreamy, Creative, Imaginative, Kind, Caring, Musical Negative – over sensitive, Lazy, Self pity, Delusional The symbol and power animal of Pisces is the fish. A water sign that is deeply sensitive, intuitive and emotional. Governing the 12th house in Astrology, the house of unseen realms, our subconscious, and mysteries. Ruled …

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Scorpio Season

Scorpio Key words – Positive – Intuitive, Emotions, Loyal , Sexual, passionate, intuitive, brave Negative – Secrets,Cruel, Sting in their tail, jealous, manipulative, paranoid The Sign of Scorpio is represented but the scorpion.The sun enters their sign on October 23rd until November 22ndThey are the 8th sign of the astrological zodiac representing change, sex, rengeration and others …

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Virgo Season

Virgo  Key words  Positive – Organised ,Discipline,Hard workers,Honest, Talented  Negative – Critical, judgemental, hypercritical   The sign of Virgo is represented by the virgin or maiden. The Sun enters their sign on August 23rd until September 22nd. They are an earth sign, practical hardworking and grounded.  They are the 6th house in the Astrological house, …

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