Please choose a reading.

If you are booking from the UK please email or text 07800734911 to book as times and prices will differ in sterling

Want to see what’s going on and what’s coming up in your life? You can choose from either a general reading where we look at your current situation, what your challenges are, what your options are, what’s coming up in the next few weeks, months and outside influences. We will also see what outcomes present themselves from your current situation. This is usually around 30 minutes.

Or you can delve more deeper into the next 12 months and see month to month what the tarot messages are, and how each astrological house has an influence, for example, your home life, your love life your work life ect.

This also comes with the general reading and is usually around 50 minutes to an hour.

Both readings give you the chance to ask questions and see further into situations of your choice within the time allocation.

Have direct questions? Your welcome to book in a session that covers all your questions – book  a 30 minutes or 50 minutes session and ask for general and questions reading.

Life Coaching sessions

Are you looking for more than just tarot guidance? Book a life coaching session. This supports you to help get your life back on track, how to take control of your life and have the confidence to be the best you, with simple coaching techniques and tarot guidance, or a spiritual life coaching session designed for spiritual guidance in your life and on your spiritual pathway. The first session is up to an hour consultation before the coaching sessions start

Readings Info

Ethics and rules for reading

1) Confidentiality ~ your personal information and reading will not be shared with anyone without your permission.

2) Trust ~ what you share with me stays right here with us and I would never use your information to benefit me or another in any way. I will serve you in your best interest, neither will I intentionally harm you.

3) Non-judgement ~  I do not practice judgement and any information you bring to the reading is not seen in judgement. I treat you with equal respect regardless of race, creed, gender, age or sexual preference.

4) Empowerment ~ As a Tarot reader I want to empower you to make informed decisions, however, they are your answers and your decisions, not mine. I will not take responsibility for your actions and will say what the cards are saying in a particular area. I will not tell you what to do ~ I may make suggestions and offer you a guiding path.  It is all up to you to do whatever you will.

5) Future Predictions ~, Of course, that will happen as any Tarot reading is using the power of divination.  However, the reading is in the now, the present moment and all depends on you, your choices, and your changes to create your future destiny. You have free will.

6) Reading about other people ~ you will give me permission to read for you, however, I do not have permission to read about others. Invasion of boundaries is very important to me. I can help you, however, to phrase your question about your boy/girlfriend/boss/family/friend etc. so that the question is about your relationship to another but I will not read without permission for someone else.

7) A tarot reading does not diagnosis or treat health issues, nor will it or I offer you financial advice or mental health counseling.  In my experience, it will guide you to seek help or advice if needed from those qualified in that field of work.

8) You must be 18 years or older to order a tarot reading. I will read for 16 -18 years old with the parents’ permission and with one of them being present. I use angel tarot cards in this instance.

9)Tarot reading will not always guarantee spiritual mediumship messages, when I work I have no idea what will happen until I sit with you and open up.

10) Tarot reading can be seen by some as entertainment only, and while I will point out I get very accurate results with the cards, you have free will to decide and take you own course of action.

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