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Capricorn season is here! December 22nd – January 19th

Capricorns are known as the worker bees, the workaholics of the zodiac. They love to spend their time reaching their goals, bring organised and methodical. They are practical and down to earth. Some say boring, unless they can find the home – work life balance. Although don’t tell them they are boring, they wont have it! And according to Capricorns, they are always right! They do actually possess a wild side, that those closest, nearest and dearest get to see. Capricorns are extremely special. Fearless in their ambitions, they have limitless resilience, so good at pushing forward, despite facing challenges. They are strong, and have have firm boundaries. Usually great with their money, they enjoy good things in life and are not afraid to work for it. They like to feel secure and stable. Ruled by Saturn, the planet of restriction, limitation and father time. Capricorn like to play by the rules and rarely will you find them going of track. Excellent in business and financial affairs, they usually have a little nest egg here or there!

So how can we use this structured vibe right now? Getting organised would be a great start. This could be in any area from your home, job, relationships, health or finances, or perhaps all of them. Set goals for what you want to manifest for 2024 and stick to them. grab that pen and paper or notes file, of course you can add it into your tarot diary 2024 by moi! (Available on amazon!) Be practical and realistic.Use bote size chunks to reach your mile stones. Get down to business. Ruler of our career and fame in 10th house, Capricorn build solid foundations to grow their ambitions on. Be the boss of organising. Streamline areas that you want to prioritise, this could be de cluttering your home, reorganising your office, deleting unwanted emails, getting some order in your banking systems, putting boundaries around your relationships, or starting new health regimes.

Be savvy your finances and investments. Capricorn are money smart. they are careful with their resources. Look at your long term investments and get organised with money and things of value to you. Speak to financial advisors if you need too.

Dare I say Capricorns can be bossy? Authorative maybe a be better word for it! Skilled in leadership, this is a great time to lead your way, and let others do the same. Follow what feels right to you. As much as Capricorn think they know best, sometimes this can come across as controlling, if you are feeling extra bossy right now, reign this in or be aware that not everyone sings from the same page as you, and that’s ok.

Get networking. Capricorn work well collaborating with others to reach the top. Meet like minded others, start up new groups or organisations, or expand your network all in all helping you with your ambitions. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn energy is a great time to be disciplined to stick to goals,implement systems to keep you on track and staying focused.

The Tarot card that rules Capricorn is the devil. When the devil appears temptation is not far behind! The devil energy reminds you of your choices, to release yourself from such temptations or blocks, unhealthy relationships or where you have aloud yourself to have become absorbed or consumed in an unhealthy fashion one way or another. Material greed can manifest in the devil. Check in if this resonates.

It is easy to become a workaholic when Capricorn energy is with us. Find a healthy balance in your life now. As a Capricorn ascendant, I know only too well how this energy can manifest in positive ways, but also the temptation it can bring in other ways. I mean, here I am, working away on this blog in the Christmas holidays feeling like im living my best life!

Fire – Earth – Water -Air astrology sign: TAROT MESSAGES

Fire signs: This Capricorn energy brings you new happy emotions, creative opportunities and offers of love. The potential for true happiness 🔮

Earth signs: This Capricorn energy brings you a positive change. Take chances as new opportunities come rolling in. Luck is on your side 🔮

Water  signs: Bring patience balance and moderation into your life. Trust the journey, all will work out perfectly  🔮

Air Sign:Opportunities around finances or material matters improve.  Getting organised within practical areas pays off

Blessed Mystic Capricorn vibes to you all!




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