Key words 

Positive – Ambitious – Hardworking – Discipline  – Serious – Earthly 

Negative – Stoic – Pessimistic – Opinionated – Stubborn – Uptight 

The sign of Capricorn is governed by the Goat  – when they want something not a lot gets in the way! The Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on or around December 22nd  until January 19th. They rule the 10th house in the astrological wheel, representing Career – Life’s work – how you are  seen as a figure not he world stage. The last of the earth signs, practical and hard working, they focus on material success. Ruled by the planet Saturn, the planet of control, structure, and restrictions. 

Capricorns are workaholics, The worker bees. What ever area they choose to focus their energy on they will do it to the max and the best they can. Ambitious organised practical and goal focused, they don’t mind putting in the work to get the results. They prefer to crack on rather than moan about. They usually have a long life, are reliable and prefer to set their own rules. 

They can make those not as ambitious feel a little left behind, not on purpose though they are just driven to do their utmost best. They rarely let them selves off the hook, hold high standards for themselves and others, but  can also  be trapped in material success.  Although sensitive they have high walls, preferring to hold the stiff upper lip and deal with things in a practical fashion. 

As they get older, they are more relaxed and fun. 

They are born to lead, Charismatic, straight up and honest, has some of the  best insults, gives the best silent treatment,  they are immune to stupid remarks, its way beneath them, will beat most at their own game, Keeps their private life private, loyal and a great friend. They can be too serious and cold but they are the ones who you would go to for sound advice. 

Capricorns find it hard to trust just anyone and can be selfish, thinking that they are right all the time. 

They are resourceful, reliable and realistic. 

Tarot card – Devil 

Element – Earth

Crystal – Garnet

Flower – Pansy

Colour – dark green, black and grey 

Metal – Metal

Planet – Saturn 

Symbol – Goat 

Body – Skeletal system, teeth, skin 

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