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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Center for world networking magazine California

Kate May and Colin Flaherty from the UK Offering Workshops and Readings in Carmel and Santa Cruz Read the Article for all infomation and contact details



THE NETWORK Page 7 October / November 2018

Kate May and Colin Flaherty from the UK Offering Workshops and Readings in Carmel and Santa Cruz AreasOctober 24 to 27 Paulette Forest:

Kate will be accepting appointments for individual readings. I highly recommend these two, as I have had readings from them both after my son died a couple of years ago and found them to be highly accurate and helpful. Their predictions were spot on. I found it helpful to know ahead of time that there would be particular challenges in the upcoming year and that there would be amazing blessings. Also, the joy of talking with my son who died and hearing that he was doing very well helped my grieving process a lot. I find both Colin and Kate to be very down to earth and easy to talk with. Some mediums I have met have been almost diva-like. This is a great opportunity that I want to share with you. I asked them to give me some information about themselves and how they got started in mediumship. Here is a little bit about them:Kate May: I started my career in retail and beauty therapy. After 10 years in retail management, I left work to have my children, and then proceeded to build my beauty therapy business from home. While doing this, my spiritual interest and knowledge grew, leading me to working as a professional tarot reader and psychic medium for many years in the UK and more recently in California: Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Palm Springs. Now a mum of two very active boys, I run a psychic development center within our spiritual coffee and retail shop, Mystic River Lounge, in Portsmouth, UK. I have been interested in all things spiritual since childhood, where I would talk with my Nan about the afterlife and playfully read the tarot leaves together. She lived next door to me as I grew up and now I live in her house! My studies over the years have taken me on journeys through astrology, numerology, tarot, spiritualism, paganism and angels. I now teach tarot with astrology, run a psychic development group and teach the lotus chakra – Heal Yourself Within course, plus run several large Mind Body Spirit Fayres across the country. Within our center, we host regular mediumship demonstrations, workshops, and spiritual based coffee mornings. I have written for several online magazines doing tarotscopes and articles on spiritualism, plus interviews with well-known global mediums. I work with a group of other mystics on a fun online site – Loose Mystics, a live group of mystics, working together, offering weekly online discussions on spirit and all things mystical with live participation plus online live readings.I also travel to different spiritual centers and churches doing tarot, astrology demonstrations, talks, and workshops, and have worked on psychic cruises and weekend psychic shows, also doing readings and workshops. I have been blessed to help many people over the years with both guidance and clarification from the tarot, bringing comfort and love working with Spirit.Kate’s website: www.katemay.co.uk Colin Flaherty: I am a fourth generation medium from my mother’s side of the family. Although I was brought up with spiritualist parents, my journey didn’t start until my 20s. I was lucky enough to live in Montana and help my mum and step dad run the spiritualist church there, before becoming president of a church myself in Portsmouth, UK for four years, only leaving to do more traveling with my spiritual work. I have spent more than 20 years of training and sitting in development for mediumship and over 15 years sitting for trance mediumship. I have completed three sun dances, several sweat lodges, and my own vision quest, high in the Rockies in Montana under the guidance of the Crow tribe, and in particular Ehnamani, formally Sun Dance leader. I have absolute faith that this is my pathway and that I communicate with those that have passed over, truthfully, humbly and with respect. I have studied under some of the most well-known and greatest medium tutors such as Leonard Young, Mavis Pittila, Mallory Stendall, Stephen Smith, and colleges such as the Arthur Findlay.During my trance sittings, I have experienced physical phenomena.I have spent time working as both a spiritual medium and trance medium in England and across America, New Zealand and Australia. I am now based in Portsmouth, running spiritual development and trance circles, doing private sittings, spiritual mediumship or trance mediumship demonstrations and workshops, plus several large Mind Body Spirit Fayres across Hampshire through the year. I also work across the UK and in California: Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Palm Springs, serving churches, doing demonstrations plus one-on-ones and teachings on mediumship and trance mediumship, plus Native American talks. During their time in Northern California in October, Kate will be offering individual readings for $75.00 as well as tarot

THE NETWORK Page 8 October/ November 2018workshops. Kate and Colin are available to provide trance mediumship workshops. This is when spirit talks through Colin and the audience can ask questions. Both Kate and Colin are also available to provide psychic development and mediumship workshops during their time here. For the workshops, pricing is negotiable (depends on how many people attend). Colin will not be providing individual readings this time around.






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