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Chinese New Year – The year of the Rabbit

 January 22md 2023 – The Year of the Rabbit

On January 22nd, 2023, we welcome the year of the Rabbit. The sign known for Elegance, grace, and diplomacy, I’m just going to say, I am a owing my Rabbit status right now!

This is the perfect time to focus on creating a harmonious and balanced workplace and home environment

After a bumpy Tiger year, we all welcome the calm and peaceful vibe that the rabbit influences over.

Known as the Luna year, kicking off 15 days of Chinese celebrations and entertainment. The Tiger year had impulsive actioned energy, the Rabbit year has a slower pace, a softer vibe and that of self -reflection

This year the energy is focused on longevity, abundance, prosperity positivity, auspiciousness, wittiness, cautiousness cleverness and self-protection. A more relaxed yea, flowing naturally.

We should all be focusing on rest, introspection and working smarter not harder. 

The emphases this year is on the possibility for prosperity and flourishing, as well as peace. The Rabbit being a sign of peace. In order to attract this, we must first practice this art and become peaceful within

This is a year of thoughtfulness, with a view to long-term success, making more considerate and conservative choices being more reflective in what you choose or who you choose to share your energy with

Connected to Yin energy, this year asks us to be more restful and peaceful in our habits and actions. Resting more or chilling more, I can only imagine it is to prepare us for the magic of 2024 when even bigger changes occur. Almost like the 4 of swords in the tarot, where you need to rest and reserve your energy for the next part will need it!

The rabbit is a symbol of intellect and cautiousness. As the lore goes, the rabbit was among the 12 animals who raced to the Jade Emperor in a cosmic contest that ultimately determined the order of the Chinese zodiac signs. Though it was a weak swimmer, the rabbit used its brain, opting to cross the river portion of the course on a raft. Like the animal, it’s important to approach everything in a smart, deliberate way. 

The energies of the last few years are that of rushing around to get this or that done, to buy this or that before it runs out, get the houses before the mortgage goes up, it was all about jumping in first, 2023 sees amore slower approach, we are  going to go with the flow more, we have realised that we don’t need to say how high  when someone says jump

Just like the Rabbit in his smart thinking to get to the other side, we will be thinking differently, also connected to the aquarian and Uranus energy we have flowing this year. We will need to think outside the box, to act differently, to think smart – If you do rush into things head on, you may face a few challenges! Going with the flow will benefit everyone

The rabbit in the Chinese zodiac also speaks to the power of empathy. At one point in the race, the rabbit found itself stuck in the water. The dragon, who was flying overhead, opted to finish behind its woodland friend, blowing a heavy gust of wind to help send the rabbit across the finish line. The act speaks to the importance of both giving and receiving compassion – we will need to act in a more humanitarian way this year, helping and supporting each other, not fighting for the last box of toilet rolls on the shelf.

Outward thinking will be needed,

What do others around me need? What does my community need? What does my country need? How can I make myself of service to my community?

That said, the saying you can’t pour from an empty vessel will be super realistic for many this year. Self-care, self-love and self-nourishing will need to be high on everyone’s list of priorities. It’s a time of re-evaluating everything and using our recourses without putting pressure on ourselves – how can we resolve this or that issue or problem – personally and worldly

 “Your actions ow will spark the vibe for the rest of the year, if you are thoughtful and smart and clever and witty in your decision-making and in your life choices, you can flourish the most in terms of your prosperity and health and longevity. However, if you choose not to, then you may have a more challenging year ahead.  Especially if you are a Rabbit sign – It’s time to think smart my little bunnies!

Here are some feng shui tips I’ve found to help you with added luck this new year!

*Make sure you fill your sugar bowls in your kitchen – this will attract money and success for 2023

*Place a laughing Buddha in your dining room, this will attract blessings and prosperity this year

*Never be greeted in your bedroom, if you’re sick, either dint have visitors or hang on in there to get downstairs. It is considered bad luck otherwise (I’m note sure if the doctor counts to be honest!)

*For the whole day of 22nd January, do not use knives or scissors – this could risk you accidently cutting luck out of your life (I’m going to have fun with this one at teatime!)

*Avoid using negative words and phrases, especially about yourself and loved ones even for fun on the first new year t day especially

*If you did not get round to cleaning before the 22nd leave it! Cleaning today can clean away your good luck! I’ll be able to manage that!

*Get rid of 22 items if you are looking for a better paid job – donate them or sell them, this will make room for new opportunities

*Buy lucky flowers on the 22nd – Orchids, Hyacinths, peonies, bamboo – this attracts luck and prosperity

*Add a money bowl to your front door area. Place a bowl by your front door and add coins notes, crystals such as citrine, jade, pyrite and cinnamon – This will bring in prosperity and financial luck

*Place a red envelope in your financial area of your home filled with 8 Chinese coins

Here is a tarot spread for the Chinese New Year!

*What is the Rabbit year energy around me now

*How can I make this year abundant and


*How can I activate my ideas this year

*What do I need to know this year

*Where do I need to focus my attention this year

*Area of growth

*Rabbit message




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