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Chiron Retrograde

Chiron Retrograde

Chiron is known as the wounded healer, anything that goes retrograde, gives a second chance to go back over or heal past situations. With Chiron retrograde, memories or anxieties may re surface, even from your subconscious, unexpectedly.

Understanding this can help you heal any blocks and poor repeated patterns, effecting your future self and souls’ progression.

There is so much planetary activity now, with the north node, Neptune, Leo season, Sirius building, Lions gate, full moon in Aquarius, Venus retrograde, to name a few! would be an excellent time to clear past life or ancestral patterns.

Stand in your power and say out loud your name and that you are willingly releasing any past hurts, wounds, blocks, childhood trauma, negative relationship emotions that are holding you back from living your best life and being the best version of you!

Visualise these literally clearing away, take a deep breathe, then blow that shit away. See them be taken away back to the earth to heal.

These energies all connect to your lower chakra system, the base, your mother, the sacral chakra your father, the solar plexus your inner child, and t=your heart, your emotional desires want and needs. Charge up your Rose Quartz and green adventurine and hold these close to your heart as you perform this release.

As we prepare for the Lion gate portal, the awakening and manifestations of your heart’s desires, be ready for amazing shifts now. You may be super emotional, but this is all part of the healing, and then comes the strength and will power that Leo brings along with all the other planetary boosts.

Making peace with your wounds and turning them into portals of strength will give you the power you need to manifest your goals and live in peace with purpose. Accept wounds and learn from them, nothing needs to stop you living a beautiful life now. A great time to do shadow work, getting in touch with yourself warts and all.

Celebrate how far you have come, honour your healing growth and work. See your wounds as portals of wisdom. Accept that some wounds are forever but that’s ok,

Listen to your soul.

Fire signs: Aries Leo Sagittarius:  Wand’s energy – Fire up baby! Use this time to really focus on what fires your belly, what governs your souls and desires. What excites you! There is no stopping you now as you take huge leaps in getting what you want. Your drive and determination hold no barrier now. Success and ready for you.  The fire is lite and you’re holding the torch! The past is ready to be left in the past and your fired up to shine that torch forward.

Earth Signs: Taurus Virgo Capricorn: Pentacle Energy – Staying focused and grounded you are ready to build strong foundations that will propel you into the universe!  There are big ground breaking moments happening for you now, setting the tone for the next 12 months, bringing you stability, security and abundance. Your hard work is paying off and any old trauma that has stopped you reaching your goals is now clearing, giving you even more opportunities to break the mould and achieve your visualisations.

Air Signs: Gemini Libra Aquarius: Sword energy. You are like lightening! Many thoughts travel through your busy mind right now but your fired up and sharp! Ready to break away from the old and refresh that head of yours. Your smart and can outwit the best of them, you’ve got this! Change is in the air. You’re thinking your actions and for some there will be new contracts and new ways of doing things. You cut like the wind now, ready to act in a new direction. Thinking differently will support your new aligned focus cutting away the old and healing past trauma.

Water Signs: Cancer Scorpio Pisces: Cup energy. At your best you are sensitive and intuitive Kind and helpful. You are ready to stand up in your own power now, turning emotional wounds into positive opportunities. Your instincts are spot on and you have immense power now to manifest your dreams, turning them into a reality. What has stopped you in the past, you can heal from, those blocks swim away leaving crystal clear waters for new desires and dreams. Swimming in your own lane now, you are ready to go deep and transform your life. Forgiveness is key in your healing work, along with self-love and seeing wounds as strength.




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