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Chiron Retrograde

Chiron retrograde is from around mid July 19th – December 23rd

When Chiron, known as the wounded healer is retrograde, it is a perfect time to heal past wounds once and for all. Allowing the energies to wash over you to bring you peace and harmony and to show you ways to make peace with your past, allowing you to fall in love with yor future.

An intense 5 month cycle for deep healing. you may have to face unhealed emotions that you may have pushed away or denied. Chiron retrograde is here to help you come to terms with your feelings enabling you to experience them and release any emotional blockages.

Shedding light on old feelings, experiencing them in a safe way to heal. Any old hurts that may arise, need to be accepted with no judgement and release them. Instead of keeping them stored in your body as emotional blockages that can trigger depressions and diseases.

Affirmations for Chiron retrograde

*I accept my past

*I am ready to release old wounds

*I can accept what i can not change

*I am ready to live a full life

*I hold no emotional blocks

*I forgive

*I have made peace with my past

*I heal my inner child

Tarot reading for Chiron Retrograde

*What do you need to accept now

*How can you heal your inner child

*Best way to see your wounds as positive for your future

*How can you forgive

*What do you need to hear now

*Chiron Retrograde tarot message




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