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Christmas Tarot Spread


I love Christmas!

Although I’m a pagan spiritualist, I do enjoy any excess to get with the family, shop and eat!

I celebrate yule time for my pagan traditional ways, mid winter solstice and Christmas. I don’t go with whole Jesus was born on the 25th Dec theme, I’ve heard many different dates that he was supposed to be born, august being the one that sits with me but in truth, I’m not sure. I like to celebrate Christmas as a time blending with yule, and mid winter to be with my friends and family to chill out and watch movies, to eat more than usual and quietly reflect in nature

I love shopping and even more shopping for others. I love having a special gift for family that I’m super excited about. This year it is a photo blanket! I have taken photos from over the years and had them put onto a large fluffly blanket

I was so looking forward to seeing some of my family opening them but the new restrictions have meant that my aunt and cousin can. Not travel down as planned, I was disappointed at first not see her face open the gift, then thought actually, I can pop a note in saying “even when we are not together we are always wrapped around you”

I still get to spend Christmas with my parents and other family members, including my boys and my husband to be, which I’m so grateful for especially in these trying times

Christmas for me is a time when my world slows down and I reflect on the past present and future. I love to get a good book and a new deck of tarot or oracle cards at Christmas, and just be quiet in my own little mystic world

I’ve created a Christmas tarot spread, of course! So here it is

*Gift to yourself

*Gift you can treat others too

*How can you bring joy to your life

*Surprise to be unwrapped

*What brings you abundance

Christmas blessings

Kate May x

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