Kate May Modern Day Mystic

45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Card 1



The Judgement card is an awakening, an AH AH moment in life when the penny finally  drops and the message is loud and clear. The puzzle pieces are coming together and you are at last able to see a better logical outcome. Known as the calling card there is the realisation of awareness now 

 When the Judgment card appears you are in a position to heal and be reborn, your soul has been stirred and your subconscious awakened 

It shows up when there is a period of transformation, often after something we have been working towards or knowingly moving into. Big changes that will shape the next chapter for you and others close. There is a need to use logic, rather than emotion with this card. The Angel of Air reminds us of this. 

With this card, you are being called to review and evaluate  your life, your actions, your experiences and karma in an honest judgemental way where we can only judge ourselves. Learning from past mistakes and rising above them to be a better person 

The judgment appears in a reading when that realisation and your calling has come to light 

You are being called to rise above the difficulties, to let go of old, to realise what you are here for or where you are awakening, think of it also as a spiritual upgrade! 

The message is that you are being awakend, A period of your life is coming to an end to make way for a new and powerful beginning

Allow yourself and the  situation around you to change naturally, and progress. Release the fear of change and be open to a  higher state of consciousness now 

Card 2


The Hermit card talks about reflection looking within or looking back in the past, seeing situations that you have over come or where there is introspection needed. Looking within for answers. A time to do meditation and taking a step back to reflect and be true to all


When the hermit cards comes up in reading, it is saying the time has come for a quiet period. It can be a very spiritual card, with deep inner knowing and meditation to gain more clarification. Self discovery and realisation. Retreats, spas, breaks away,  anythings that takes you out from the usual situations What ever is going on around you right now, you may want  to withdraw and be alone until you work things out in more clearer way.  

 Working alone, journeying alone, doing things for your own inner growth and soul searching. This is not the best card for partnerships or team work. Rather find yourself first then,  reach out to others.

The Hermit  card  appears when you in need of a new direction, as he looks back into the star trapped in the lantern, he has a chance to re think, contemplate what he wishes for, all his hopes and dreams that have been locked up, now is a time to think about releasing them , allowing his star to be free and shine. Priorities  may now change,  as you go in a new direction but your true spiritual self evolving and those hopes and dreams can start to become reality.

Message of this card is to allow yourself the time for introspecting, time out and deep thinking. 

Mediation would be perfect for you now 

Dont give up hope of all that you dream off, just take some time to reflect on what that truly is.

 Card 3









The Lovers represent relationships and choices. When this card comes up in a spread it is indicative that are choices surrounding emotional matters right now.Decisions, temptations or a choice within partnerships are likely.  As this card is a major card, the choice is that of huge importance. 

There could be some sacrifice at play here, from a  person to another or from a lifestyle to another.  

As with all choices there are positives and negatives, this card asks you  to put your cards on the table and be open and honest about the whole situation, pros and cons, good and bad. As this will have a lasting effect, its important that you are super honest with yourself. 

This does not always have a relationship triangle  theory. It may be something as simple as choosing a new home or change or job that presents temptation that will nee dot be talked about and weighed up on all angles with your partner or important someone. It may represent a close friendship that has mutual  respect and compassion that flows easily 

If you have chosen this card , it  shows that not only is love  coming but  it could be the real deal! However choices, and as said above may need to be taken into consideration. You may have found your twin flame, soul mate, call it what you like, bu someone you have a real deep connection with. The sexual energy is more stronger than the2 of cups, a deep knowing and raw sexual power. 

The Lovers is a card of open communication and raw honesty. With choice and decisions to make. With their arms wide open and naked bodies, nothing is shameful or hidden. They are vulnerable and open to each others hearts and desire being open to all possibilities whatever is a stake. A powerful bond is being created that could lead to a very fulfilling relationship built on trust, love, respect and deep rooted attraction. 

Of course this card can represent personnel love, finding love within, being clear on your own values and choices, ready to to be true to yourself and the world. Making  choices about who and what you want to be, what you want to stand for and choosing love overall to be the best person you can be 

Message of the lovers – Communicate clearly, open and honestly. Lay your cards and heart on the table. There may be some important decisions, or choices between relationships now. 

The course of true love dent always run smoothly but you have what it takes to get through challenges together  




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