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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Common myths in Tarot

You’ve heard them all, and some are eye watering! But are they true? Does the death card mean your going to die? Do you always have to read the reversals to be a good tarot reader? What if you get the Devil? Is it a bad omen? Can you attract bad spirits if you own a deck of tarot cards?

Well No to all of these in my opinion.

Death card

This doesn’t mean someone will always die. The death card brings an end to a situation. This could be a closure of a job, a house move or a divorce. The Death cards is a transition and re birth phase

3 of swords

While this card can be about a loss or heart ache, it is what’s called a minor card in tarot meaning it doesn’t necessarily have to be something big. It could be that you didn’t get the job you had hoped for, it is always important that you look at surrounding cards as other influences

The Empress

Don’t worry, if you see her you’re not always going to end up pregnant. While she does bring fertility, this could be in an area you are looking to create abundance. The Empress also connects to mother earth and woman hood, nurturing your mind body and soul

The tower

The tower looks dark and scary, and does bring upheaval. Your personality will depend on how your will handle any chaos. For some you will be used to changes and enjoy starting over, for others who find change more challenging this could be more difficult. This card can appear when a house move is occurring, think about how hectic that is! Deep healing also connects to the tower card on a soul level

The Devil

Another card that can be misleading. The devil card can be  ourselves and shows us where we have become unhealthy in our life. He can bring us choices to break free from such unhealthy habits. Dealing with fears that we would rather hide from is so empowering and allows us to take back control of our life

All the cards have both positive and negative attributes to them, the other cards will of course have a huge impact. You can use the cards to access hidden messages to help you avoid the negatives or how you can steer your way through any challenges, but also  how you can embrace the abundance and good fortune they off too

Do you need to read reversals to be a good tarot reader?

I read successfully  for over 10 years before introducing the reversals. Reversals can help deepen a reading for sure, but as the cards can be read from either, you will still be able to do or receive an accurate reading regardless. Some fabulous readers choose never to read reversals, I mean it’s hard enough to remember 78 upright cards right? So why complicate things even more if that works for you. Some like myself have chosen to read reverse cards, I love tarot so much learning to work with 156 tarot cards over 78 for me, works. And that’s the thing you’ve got to go with what feels right for you.

What if you get all Nos? What if you are the client and nothing makes sense and the reader say they can not read for you? Does this mean your blocked? Or and I’ve heard this, does it mean your going to die?

So two perspectives here.  On occasions the reading won’t work and that’s just how it is, there is no real or rhyme nor  reason here, it could be that you as the reader are having an off day, it could be that the sitter isn’t ready to open up, that both your energies just don’t jell, id never tell a client they are blocked or pass the blame to them. It is was it is, and I just accept that on that day. I’m sure you’ve heard a story when someone couldn’t get read and was then later killed on the way home. Do you know what though? No one actually knows who or where this came from. A friend of a friend of a friend! This isn’t why you may not be able to be read or as a reader, why you can’t read for a client on that day. So don’t be scared off, by not being read or able to read someone. sometimes this just happens. I’ve had 2 clients in all my time that I struggled to read who later said no one is able to read them are they blocked? In truth I’m not sure I’m keen on the word blocked, sounds like a job for a plumper but there maybe something going on with your subconscious that doesn’t want to be read on a higher level, or simply that you don’t really believe it, some people rea easier to read than others, are they more open? Is someone more closed off? I don’t think so,  we can guess and make assumptions but its  best to just accept it is what it is.

I’ve not got any tarot cards and have been told I shouldn’t buy my own?

I have given many 1000s of successful readings with cards I have bought myself. Don’t get me wrong, I do love a deck as a gift but there are some fabulous ones out there and f you are drawn to them, you can absolutely  buy them for yourself. This comes from  my own shoe shopping rule of, if you want it and can afford it then have it. Seriously though, back in the day there were lots of things said about tarot cards, fear based theory’s are super popular and this is just another one of those. Is there more energy if someone buys them? That depends on the intent you set when. You start to work with them. I always bless my new decks with a prayer, sage and crystals. They have been handled by who knows in the creation process. I like to set my own little rituals which work for me but you should do what suits you. If you don’t feel comfortable using a deck bought in a local shop by yourself, then that’s your choice, but in my opinion it won’t make a difference, but could serve as a great excuse to be gifted some gorge cards!

Are you going to be cursed for having tarot cards?

No. Again fear was used back in the day to stop people using divination, purely because they couldn’t control them or have explanations to everything. What is it with us humans that feel we need to know it all? There are something in life that cannot be explained and that’s that.

Fear breeds negativity, negativity breeds energy that is not a positive vibe and this spreads so on and so on.

Tarot cards are paper. They have images and symbols on them that the reader/ psychic can read. Yes they are sacred tools, and they hold your life force but they are not going to bring you bad luck or curses for having them. Over time the reader will add their own energy to the cards resulting in a vibrational energy that literally can be felt at times. Respectfully, they hold energy from the sitters too which is why they need to be cleansed regularly. Having a deck of tarot cards in your possession will not cause any harm, however as energy creates energy, anything that has been used in negativity, fear or holds negative vibrations perhaps from emotional clients, or arguments in the home or if the cards have been passed down to you, just like anything, a new home, second hand items,  it is a good idea to freshen them up and use positive intents to keep them sparkly for your own use.

Free will

You always have free will. When having a reading, the reader will see what possibilities are there for you. If after the reading, you chose to stay indoors and lock yourself away for 6 months, those possibilities will be on hold or could be missed. Personal responsibility is huge in. my book and both the sitter and reader should understand their part in that.

Mystic blessings

Kate May X




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