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Beginners Tarot

This Tarot course is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to begin their Tarot journey. It will guide you through understanding the meanings of each card individually and teach you how to interpret them when they appear in spreads. The provided workbook, Tarot journal, and card files will be invaluable tools to support your learning.


Next Steps Into Tarot

This “Next Steps”  Tarot course is perfect for those who already have a good understanding of each card’s meaning and want to take their readings to the next level. By exploring card combinations, Astrology, Numerology, and other symbols found in the Tarot, you’ll gain deeper insights and provide more comprehensive readings..

Advanced/Reverse Tarot

Learning the reverse meanings of Tarot cards is an excellent way to enhance your readings and provide even more in-depth and accurate insights for your clients. By understanding the reversed interpretations of all 78 cards, you gain a valuable tool to enrich your tarot practice.


E Course

This E Tarot Course to embark on your tarot learning journey at your own pace. The pre-recorded modules, along with the downloadable workbook and files, provide an excellent resource for comprehensive and self-directed learning.


Astrology for Beginners

Exploring astrology through this 12-week course sounds like a fantastic opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the planets, sun signs, and the lunar cycle’s influence. It’s a fascinating journey that can provide valuable insights into your own life and the lives of those around you.


Different forms of Divination

Different forms of Divination

Exploring various divination practices such as Tarot, crystals, oracle cards, and pendulums can be a fascinating and enriching journey. Each of these tools offers unique insights and perspectives, and delving into them can provide a deeper understanding of divination and its applications.

Tarot Symbols

Understanding the symbols within the Tarot cards can significantly enhance your ability to interpret and give insightful readings. .This video training will provide you with valuable insights into the meanings and significance of these symbols.

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Tarot Numerology

Learning Tarot numerology is an exciting way to deepen your Tarot practice and enhance your readings. This video training, accompanied by an easy-to-follow spreadsheet, will guide you through the fascinating world of Tarot numerology.

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Tarot Astrology

The combination of Tarot and Astrology is a time-honored practice that offers a unique and powerful approach to divination. This online video training will delve into the art of combining Tarot and Astrology, enhancing your understanding of both systems and providing you with valuable insights for your readings.


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The Court Cards

The Court Cards in the Tarot deck can be a source of confusion for many readers. However, with the right guidance and understanding, you can learn to connect with these cards and embrace their presence in your readings. This quick and easy video training session is designed to help you feel more comfortable with the Court Cards, allowing you to not only connect with them but also appreciate their significance in your readings.


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The Major Cards

The Major Arcana cards in the Tarot hold significant and profound meanings, taking us on a journey from the Fool’s initial steps to the World card’s culmination. This video training session will offer you a fresh and deep understanding of the Major Arcana cards, emphasising their importance in your Tarot practice.

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The Minor Cards

The Tarot deck comprises four suits, each representing different aspects of life and human experience. Understanding what each suit stands for and remembering the meaning of each card within those suits is essential for a thorough Tarot reading. This video training session will guide you through the symbolism and significance of each minor card, helping you gain a deep understanding of the Minor Arcana.

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Tarot Spreads

The use of different Tarot spreads is a valuable tool that allows you to focus on specific questions or aspects of a reading. This video training session will provide an in-depth exploration of various Tarot spreads, enabling you to delve into the intricacies of your readings. The session will cover a range of spreads, including:

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Tarot Numerology


Understanding card combinations is a key aspect of Tarot reading. This video training session will delve into the intricacies of card combinations, providing you with the knowledge and tools to interpret their significance effectively. You’ll learn how to navigate various card combinations, such as:2 KIngs or 4 3;s in a spread.

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Tarot Tips

In this video training session, you’ll have the opportunity to benefit from my years of experience as a Tarot reader. I’ll be sharing valuable hints and tips that can significantly enhance your Tarot readings. These insights are designed to help you take your readings to the next level and provide more accurate, meaningful guidance to your clients.


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