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Court Cards Made Easy with Kate May  Modern Day Mystic

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Do you get stuck with the court cards in Tarot?

Do they represent a person or a situation?

The court cards are sometimes the most difficult to interrupt?

Here I explain an  easy simple  way to use them!

I’ve been teaching the Tarot now for many years, and it is always the Court cards that people find the most difficult to understand. As with all the tarot cards there are many different symbols and meanings, I try to teach in a simple format that works for everyone on any level. The Court cards can represent a person and or a situation.which I think is why they can be difficult to grasp

So how do you know which is which? The truth really is instinct when reading, and card combinations, As a reader you get a feel if it’s a situation or a person. Practice makes perfect, so don’t ditch them important people cards just yet!

If you know Astrology, you can use the sun signs that connect to the actual court card for example fire signs, Leo,  Sagittarius or Aries will connect to the fire court cards. The earth signs represent the pentacles, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Air signs reflect the swords, Libra, Gemini and Aquarius and Water signs the cup court cards, Scorpio, Pisces and cancer 

Card combinations play an important role in spreads for example 2 queens can mean support from 2 important woman but 3 can be gossip, 2 kings can be business news and so on but again to keep things simple I am just going to talk about how to read court cards in an easy way, if you want to know more on the combinations, I do teach that in my next steps tarot class

The Court Cards

The pages are often seen as a younger person or the start of an idea.  Depending on what suit they come in, which determines the energy associated with it. As a person they are starting to develop and bring in a new energy, as a situation it’s an idea at the early start. They represent young, energetic people starting out on their journey. Pages can represent young children through to young adults. However, Pages can also represent those who are young at heart or who are discovering a new aspect of themselves. For me pages would be up to the age of around 20 years.

As events, Pages are often seen as messengers and come to you with a new opportunity or an idea. Most Pages are full of encouragement but the idea has yet to form into anything else. Usually in a spread, Pages may pop up when you are on the verge of a new idea (Wands), a new feeling or emotion  (Cups), a new way of thinking (Swords) or a new job or career pursuit (Pentacles). They represent  a new stage in life but one that hasn’t developed as yet.

I liken the pages to seeds, new ideas, new start of life.

The Knights for me are often someone in their 20s – 30s, they have a bit more maturity then the pages and can take that idea and turn it into action or taking it to the next step, as a person they still may need a little more patience  before they can see any final results but they are very ready,and keen to move forward. As a situation the action now begins to start taking place – no longer just an idea but starting to take shape, depending on what suit they come in, which determines the energy associated with it. As people, they are have more action in their focus then the young pages. While they are more mature than the page, they do not have the experience of the Queen or King.

As events, Knights reflect change, action and movement. When they appear in a spread you will need to see the influence of the person and use it as an action. For example the Knight of wands see movement and action racing ahead, so the message would be to take action now and get moving with creative ventures. The Knight of pentacles action required around finances, Knight of cups, influence of action around emotions and knight of swords needing to think quickly

I liken the knights to planting that seed

The Queens are again slightly older as a person possibly 40s and a little more wiser and experienced than the Knights, they represent someone who is more mature in age or soul, someone who has a deeper understanding of themselves and situations, Obviously representing the feminine aspects but can be a male. They could be motherly or have the older sisters vibe. They are usually nurturing and want to support or help others grow.

As an event these cards can ask you to look at the elements associated with the card, and ask you to find the message within that but on a more mature sensitive level, for example the Queen of cups is kind caring and sensitive so she would represent a situation that needed kindness, care and a sensitive hand. The Queen of swords uses logic, so the situation would be needing to get to the truth and be cutting in your dealings. The Queen of pentacles would see you being excellent with resources while being nurturing to others, therefor you’re in a great financial position or getting the advice to be so. The Queen of wands is a strong leader, so the message would be to be strong courage’s and lead your way forward.

The Queens are more wise than the Knights, they have the experience and knowledge to make things grow

I liken the Queen to the watering of the seed that is now planted

The Kings, as a person they would be possibly 50 plus, they show their full experience and expertise, to help and advice, they have maturity and knowledge on their side and know what they are talking about usually! The most mature of the court cards, with experience and masters of their trades. They are more in control of themselves in all areas, and like to maintain that control with others or situations

As a situation they show how best to deal with something, They talk about taking that control and or seeking advice from a mature knowledgeable source. For example the King of cups is in control of his  emotion, he is comfortable with his surroundings and knows he is emotionally balanced letting you know all will be ok.

The King of pentacles shows you you’re in a good financial situation and you may be seeking advice from a businessman or estate agent, someone in the material know. The advice would be of sound financial knowledge.

The King of wands, a leader and powerful enthusiastic guy, would see you taking action in leadership roles, management and adapting your position to bring out the best in you.

The King of swords, could see you seeing advice from a councillor,, a doctor, layer, or someone logical and emotionally detached. The message would be separating your emotions to deal with things in a clear thinking way. His advice would be on emotional matters, reminding you to be mature and calm

The King cards are great for seeing the final results of something. They can be the final attainment in a situation liken these to the final bloom of the flower.

So think of the Page as a seed – a  new seedling that has so much potential if it can be planted correctly turning it into the Knight, where the seed (idea or young person ) can take  actioned  and planted, to grow to its full potential the seed will need watering and nurturing, it will need the Queen, someone who can help it grow, and finally with all this loving care it can become a flower ready for the full bloom, the seed is now the king!

Hopefully that helps you understand the court Cards a little easier

Mystic Blessings

Kate May xx

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*** Looking into areas such as Love  – Work  – Money – Career – Home life – Health ***