45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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December Tarot/Psychic Scopes

December Tarot/Psychic Scopes by Kate May – Moderndaymystic

I use a mixture of Different Tarot Cards and Psychic intuition to bring you these monthly scopes.

For a full reading on insight such as love, work, health, family and more,contact Kate 07800734911 To book a private reading – party’s – min 4 max 8 or one to one – Email Phone Skype readings also available from 25.00 – 35.00 email katemaymoderndaymystic@gmail.com


This month is calling you to have patience Aries, Not your best trait! However with patience and being flexible on timings you will see better results.

Take the time now to rest this month and plan your next steps. A prudent investment of time or money is also indicated.

You may be feeling disconnected and dissatisfied in work matters but this is only a temporary set back you ramies

Wait and see what the early summer months brings for you! You may feel like there is not way to improve things this month, but in a short space of time you will be able to make movement ahead. Plan wisely now for this movement.

Mystic Mays message of the month – don’t keep all your eggs in one basket – keep options open


There are better choices around you this month than you first think. You may think running away is the answer, but reality will always catch up in the end. You may also be dealing with a situation that has been hidden or where truths have been kept secret for too long now and finally everything is starting to be laid bare for all to see.

If you are not seeing things clearly at present, be open to clear communication and sieve carefully through details, this will help get that clarification you have been searching for.

Skating on thin ice?

Be cautious and mindful how you deal with people and situations that could leave that ice to thin! Not a great look for us Bulls!

Mystic Mays message of the month – Tread carefully, be mindful of truthful speaking – nothing remains hidden this month


The grace and inner strength needed to overcome challenges are yours for December. The power of kindness and forgiveness, not just because its Christmas but because it serves you better. You have to be careful with everyone this month, people are sensitive and you are too. By holding your tongue or handling a situation in a calm sensitive manor will allow you to remain in control and that’s about the bases of it.

You need to feel in control this month.

If you scream and say what you like, its too late, those words can not be taken back, but if act in a mature kind caring way, you will handle it all perfectly.

You have what t takes to find that deep inner strength to continue your desired path way. This year, as you reflect, may not have been the easiest but you have learnt so much about your self, it has not been wasted on your souls growth.

Continue finding that inner an outer peace sweetie

Mystic Mays message of the month – With your raw power people can submit to you, You have a special quality about yourself right now – say yes to offers of opportunity, you never know where it might lead too


You could be feeling discontented this month, or maybe even distracted, don’t hide away for too long, this is the party season after all! You may be easily distracted this month, this could result in you missing out of fab social occasions or great opportunities. While reflecting is good at times, this is not one of those times my little crabs!

Family matter to you as always, but try not to let them bring you down or over worry. Get motivated, plan things for the new year, you will have one more chance this month to grab something, go for it otherwise you could kick yourself.

Mystic Mays message of the month – Tis the season to be merry – put on that glam outfit and shine away, you never know you could even enjoy yourself!


As you come to the end of the year, you have a lot of reflecting to do. This allows you to review the past and the present so you can plan a bright future for yourself and your loved ones. Understanding your life s purpose.

Releasing judgements of yourself and others will help you to move forward for good. You have a penny dropping moment that clears things up, giving you an wakening and helping you to see things for how they really are. Any areas that have felt dormant to you can now have a chance to fell alive.

You know who you are, and what you want to be, you know who have your back , and you can go forward to 2019 with a clearer view of making things happen. Try not to repeat past patterns that have caused you suffering. Let it go lions

Mystic Mays message of the month – Make peace with the past so it can not hurt you any more. Become even more alive with your true self this Christmas


This December, remember to think outside the box on any situations that makes you feel frustrated, particularity in the home this festive season! We know you like everything just so, but a little flexibility is required my lovelies.

You have what it takes, to create that perfect dream just believe in yourself a little more then usual. Thinking that your powerless when in fact you have a different kind of power this month.

A lack of self confidence can keep you from getting what you want, so be brave and think out side that box!

Family will be very important this Christmas, more so than usual, this may be where the frustrations come from , like I said flexibility will be required. Keep yourself focused on the things you can be in control off.

Mystic Mays message of the month – Sometimes just being you is the best advice you can take this month hunnies


Big changes for you this December. Some of this you may not be in control off, which wont feel fair to you and just tip your scales off balance.

Life’s experiences are necessary for growth on all levels and lead to significant chamges for you this month.

Let go of old belief systems that no longer work for you. Silver linings will need to be found and will be viable through these changes.

Unexpected or sudden changes that may cause a change in your life, you can rebuild after the way you choose

Mystic Mays message of the month – have faith that all that occurs has been written in the stars and you will gain great strength from this – remember there is silver linings from these situations


This December you will get great advice from someone professional and objective. They will be knowledgeable, experienced and fair minded.

They may not have an emotional attachment to you, which will help.

You also may have to acquire these traits yourself through December.

Be unemotional, think logical and detach yourself from situations to give the best advice.

If you are feeling blocked in any way, step away from things for a while. Take some well earned rest, throughout the festive season would not be a bad idea.

Mystic Mays message of the month – Meditation would give you the clarity you need to help with them blocks scorpions


Grab that mistletoe this month!

Falling in love or making a serious commitment to someone is highly indicated this month for you Sagittarian. Forgiveness is needed to resolve disputes or problems and to bring harmony within relationships.

Start the new year fresh from troubles.

Great working partnerships may pop up unexpected this month, you work better on your own as a rule but this one temps you.

Mutual attractions, being on the same page as someone, lucky you!

Mystic Mays message of the month – Remain equal with all partnershiips, find that emotional side of you for chrimbo


Celebrations, Party time, you have plenty to feel happy about, not only is it your birthday month but also Christmas! There may be other reasons to celebrate too!

This year has been quite an emotional one, but you can enjoy the Christmas festivities with close friends and family celebrating life its self.

Plan your next steps with joy and inspired creation, with an eye for long term goals. Have patience as there are more good things to come. You should be feeling proud and satisfied of your jobs welll done this month.

Not one to give up, you Goats are a determined stubborn sign but this has just paid off for you

Mystic Mays message of the month – relax and enjoy yourself, have a day off to enjoy the little things in life


Now its Christmas and you want a spend up but be wise to manage your resources, With careful planning you can achieve a balance in how you spend and save your money.

You will need to be mindful of what you have built up and protect that.

As Christmas approaches you may be thinking of helping those who are less fortunate than yourself but there are more ways to help others than to part with your hard earned cash.

Money has been easy to pass through your fingers this last few months, but you are in a better position now to start re building your foundations again

Mystic Mays message of the month – while you are saving and cautious of your finances, be flexible, and enjoy the odd treat


You need to believe in yourself so much more this December. You have so much going for you that its hard to not fall in love with all you Pisces this month.

Wonderful loyal people want to help you, take their help and support to be guided onto you r new pathway.

You need to maintain a balance between work and home life, and say yes to social invitations. You have inspiration that is waking up inside you, be creative, take lead into new life and new possibilities there is so much more you can offer to the world and you will have amazing people particularity females around to support you

Mystic Mays message of the month – don’t let the past define you





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