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Diary of a Modern Day Mystic – Week 2


Today we managed to go to Gunwharf Quay together. Mr Flaaa works for a driving company, which allows us to borrow a car easy enough. We’re so blessed that we get help when needed. It was lovely to spend the day together as a family. Mondays are family days. It’s decided. This evening, Mr Flaaa and I drove to Bournemouth Church, a lovely church that’s quite big and very friendly. We met Mummy Flaaa there, as it’s her local spiritualist church. She’d recommended we come along tonight, as the medium was to be very good. We weren’t disappointed. His name was Pietro Politano, a lovely man that knew his stuff! After his amazing address, we had a Q & A session followed by his mediumship demonstration. We also bumped into one of Mr Flaaa’s fellow spiritual mediums, one of the best female mediums I’ve seen – Janet Emile Mae. I do love a catch up at church.


Managed to get Ollie into a club today. It’s much better for him than being at my work all day. Josh is old enough now to see his friends out and about. I remember being 12. He’s much better behaved then I was! Although my parents didn’t know half the stuff I was up to, I hope being a psychic mum pays off! Tonight, I had my psychic development class. They always amaze me at what they get from spirit. Some of them have really grown and I’m now looking at bringing them with me to do what we call apprenticeship readings. This is similar to a hairdresser’s  apprenticeship programme but in a reading way! It’s the next step for them in order to build their confidence and real world experience! I think too many mediums go out too soon. They have a quick blast, being new on the scene, then fall. There’s so much more to it than just giving a message. I think they need to have more knowledge about how to manage the mechanics of mediumship as well as other situations. Too many rush out there that don’t know how to backup what they say. This is why we encourage our students to shadow us, work with us and visit other mediums to see them work. I send so many books my students’ way, the best being The Unbelievable Truth by Gordon Smith. I’m also a fan of Mavis Pittilla, so I share her and Gordon’s work in our private group. In addition, I recommend Youtube clips of Gordon Higginson, and the After Life of Billy Fingers. I love learning!


Had some exciting news today. I’ve been given a position in London Selfridges working with the Psychic Sisters, a psychic company founded by Jayne Wallace. I met Jayne in LA a few months back but didn’t want to say too much until my position was confirmed with a date. Today is that day 🙂 How exciting! It’s only one day a month at the moment, which is perfect with all the other work I do. I’m feeling super lucky today. This evening we went to our local spiritualist church on Vivash Road and saw yet another amazing medium, Tammy Nelmes. It was very refreshing to see a younger girl with such great knowledge, respect and evidence with spirit. I’ve booked her for the Lounge in November. She didn’t know me at all and yet she gave me a very accurate message. I love seeing new people, especially when they don’t know me. Being in this field so long and accompanying Mr Flaaa (who has been in the spiritualist movement much longer then me), we tend to know a lot of mediums. Although this isn’t a bad thing, it’s good to get a message from someone that knows Jack all about us.


Hollybobs Day! I finished up in the Lounge early and said goodbye to my cats and Mr Flaaa. I’m taking the boys away for a few days to Bristol. My aunt lives there and it was my family’s holiday venue when I was a kid . We spent the best times there and now I’m lucky enough to be able to recreate them with my children. I go with my dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew and stay with my aunt and cousin. I take the boys abroad each year but this simple four-day family trip always excites them more. Mr Flaaa enjoys the peace and quiet at home. It must be hard for him to be a step dad to young children. His own children are all grown up, some of them have children of their own. Yet, here he is having to do it all again! He’s the most patient man I know, so we leave him behind to enjoy his chill time. It takes us three hours to get there and as soon as we get in the door, the familiar smell of my aunt’s cooking brings me right back to my happy childhood.


The shopping centre here is huge and if you know me, I love my shops! With my boys, my brother, sister-in-law and nephew, I head down to Temple Meads to have a shop and some lunch. I bought some fabulous new shoes, pink and gold sparkle with killer heels – ideal for sitting in!

This evening we head out to dinner as a family. I’m wearing my amazing new shoes! There’s this amazing food place here called ZaZa Bazaar. The boys talk about it all year round. It has about eight different food stations that include all different foods from around the world as well as a huge desert bar. It’s an all you can eat buffet fest! Feeling totally stuffed after several courses, we roll home to bed!


Today we had a fantastic day out at Wookey Hole in Somerset. The caves are amazing and we love the spooky, witchy tales.The dinosaurs in the garden area and the crazy mirror made it all a magical day.  Making memories are what this time is all about. It has been a few years since we’ve been here and I’d forgotten  about the dinosaurs and arcade area. A game of crazy golf finished a perfect day. We stopped off at a yummy fish and chip place with an amazing view, apparently quite well known. Salt and malt by a huge lake!


Wet and windy day – typical British summer weather. However, we can’t complain at all this year because it’s been so hot! We choose to go to @Bristol,  an interactive science place, along with 100000 other people that choose the same day! Lots to do here for adults and children and it’s a great way to spend a wet afternoon. Have loved this weekend together.




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