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Diary of a Modern Day Mystic June

Diary of a Modern Day Mystic June 2019

Follow me on my journey as a modern day mystic!

As the month starts its all very emotional on a personel front. Working with Colin just as friends is fine, its nice to still see him actually. It seems some people are struggling with the fact we are able to stay friends and work together and the lies that are being thrown about are crazy! Still I have my faith, and thats really all thats keeping me going right now!

The month goes really quick though but not without its drama, unfortunately I have had to get police and legal authorities involved because of my ex working partners behavior.

Interestingly though the shops has still been busy and ive had quite a few old faces pop back in or contact me with support. I have had some lovely clients and some how my readings have been slightly deeper then before, I ask a friend how I am able to read so well with everything going on and she said it because spirit can have easy access as my mind it detached lol – I like that so I am going with it!

Sadly it seems so many other people have been going through a lot of sad changes right now too, im blaming Pluto and Uranus! But it does put my stuff into perspective.

I have a couple of London days this month at Psychic Sisters, and meet some interesting people and royalty!I love it there, the girls and Jayne are so lovely its quite refeshing to be aware from everything at home too.

A while back I went to Jayne with a new tarot deck idea and she gave me some contacts but ive not had a chance to email back up until now so fingers crossed they love my ideas!

I need to get away and when the boys are with their dad i hope on a ferry and im off! have  a wonderful time staying with friends in the Isle of Wight, its a much needed break and i come home feeling so much better, plus i got to spend the whloe weekend with soke really close friends

As the month progresses, Colin has a week away, and he misses me! On his return we get back together! Yay! Thats all im saying as its obviously personel. But im super glad he changed his mind. The boys are too, which makes things easier.

The drama at work continues and there are a few occasions when my ex business partner has come raging in with demands and shouting over me making it impossible to talk – unfortunately on one of these occasions was during a demonstration that I was working at with another medium. The police were called after her antics and its now all in the hands of the legal advisors. Interrupting a demonstraion not only while I was working but also someone else, is so disrespectful, not only to me and the other medium but also to spirit and the audience. But now the legal authorities are dealing with It I shall no longer write about it here

Its Summer Solstice this month and we have our lovely pagan group plus lots of newbies attend the ritual. In my separate blog I explain what we get up too and the meaning of Summer Solstice. The evening is great and brings up the energy for everyone

Colin and I have a weekend at Wimbledon Spiritualist Church booked for myself a tarot workshop and Colin a Trance demonstration and Trance workshop. Teaching is our passion and Wimbledon Church are so welcoming, its our second visit, some are new faces, some are from before which is lovely, its like we’ve known each other years. While there we have a go on the board! Im not a huge fan of the spirit boards but this felt safe and controlled. We seem to have some good contacts and great messages confirming situations around us all. The weekend is a great success, it doesn’t take us long to get back to Portsmouth. Once in I have a spare hour before my Ollie comes back from his Dads, so I do a quick live reading session. I have the most views I have ever had!over 1.4k Not bad for a last minute sesh with just mystic me!

A few months back i started to work with a friend and fellow medium Suzzette, as the mystic and Medium – we have quite a few things in the pipe line and one was a demonstration with us both this month in Reading. it went really well, i loved workign with Suzzette and we made a great team! Looking forwrad to many more things together.

I finish the month with a busy week at the lounge, and a holiday! I slip away quietly to Benidorm with the kids, my mum, my brother and his family,leaving everything behind for a week! While we are there it is my Ollie boos birthday so I make sure the party at the hotel all sing him Happy birthday!





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