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Diary of a Modern Day Mystic – week 1


Had a day off today! Took the boys and my nephew to London to see the London Eye. It’s hard working full time in the summer holidays. So when I have any days off, I try and fit in a special treat for them. With the opening of the Mystic Lounge, this is the first summer that I’ve had to work full time since having my children .It’s quite a juggling act!  But, today we had a lot of fun spending quality time together as a family. Even Mr Flaaa and my mum came along. We just about made it to the Natural History Museum after the London Eye! 


Met some lovely people in the Lounge today. We seem to be attracting the new positive vibe here! We held our first self employed networking support meet up. It was a huge success and some great ideas flew around the table. There were lots of great ideas on helping each-others’ businesses grow and expand as well as useful tips on how to use different social media platforms.This evening I taught my psychic development class. We explored crystal balls! The students paired up and I showed them how to divine using them. They all did extremely well and we left the Lounge in high spirits!


Another busy day at the Mystic Lounge. I took my youngest in with me today – oh the fun! My eldest had his first trip on a train to the cinema with just a friend and no adults – a milestone for us! New stock arrived  in the Lounge today – tarot and angel cards as well as beautiful handmade faerie garden lanterns.They should sell well.We seem to get walk in readings every day here. We’ve only been here six weeks and it’s still early days but so far, the Mystic Lounge is proving a success.Had some lovely connections from the readings today. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to bring peace to people, helping them to know their loved ones are just a thought away and giving them guidance with the tarot cards. I wasn’t at home long before I was back in the Lounge this evening to do a couple of booked in readings – I might start taking a sleeping bag 🙂


The weather was awful! Buckets of rain! We did need it after three months of almost solid sun but as for customers, it was a wash out! By the afternoon, the rain had stopped and we had a few people stop by. Being quiet today wasn’t a bad thing. It meant we could catch up on admin work and plan our next few events! The plants needed that rain for sure. It also put a stop to the builders finishing the garden area at the Lounge! Never mind. It cleaned away the dust! This evening I had my tarot class. So after preparing dinner for Mr Flaaa and the boys, I was off again. Tonight’s class was on the suit of cups. We’ve finished the major arcana and are now working through the minor arcana. I had a reading from one of the guys in the class and he was so spot on! It’s amazing to see my students grow 🙂


Wow! Probably our busiest day yet!  We had walk ins, booked readings and customers for the coffee shop area. Luckily, we had a friend drop by who is trained to work in a kitchen.She and was able to jump behind the counter for us while Paula and I juggled the clients and shop. The sun was back out and so was everyone else! We usually have a tarot share coffee morning on Fridays and although we were all set up for it, we were actually too busy to do it! It always amazes me how spirit works. The usual friends that make the tarot share couldn’t make it today, which was just as well because we ran out of tables and chairs!  So, thank you spirit for allowing there to be enough space for everyone today.


After a morning of sorting the kids for football and working in the Mystic Lounge, we had a lovely Reiki share circle – this is where a group of us healers get together to do healing on each other. It’s so important. Often the last thing we do is to spend time healing ourselves. Every day we work helping others, so each month we have this time. It’s an amazing experience to have five pairs of healing hands lain on you. The energies are quite something today and I go home to Mr Flaaa and the boys all chilled!


 Watched Joshua,my eldest, play his football match today. His team won, 10-1! It’s good to get a chance to watch him. Working full time this summer is certainly a challenge! We did manage to pop in to see my sister and nieces for a cuppa and catch-up, something we were planning to do for awhile.We had planned to have dinner and go shopping at Gunwharf Quay  but the universe had other plans. On the way there, we broke down! In our favour, we only had to wait 10 minutes for the RAC and a lift back home. So instead of a spend up, I chose to blitz the house. It was something that was needed for a while to be honest – have I mentioned the working full time challenge?




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