Diary of a mystic

Diary of a mystic

As we start February its rainy and cold! Typical UK weather really. The Lounge has been super busy again, and I am starting to wish for an 8 day week! I do have a lovely lady coming in soon though to do a day for me, allowing me to have a regular weekly day off! I feel like im going round and round in circles trying to get everything done and not getting any where!

We have a wonderful talk on Witchcraft with the fabulous Lyn this month, I love the craft and she spoke of a few things I was unaware off. They are moving soon to Wales, we will def be having a road trip there! We also had the lovely Denise with us and her Crystal workshop, again super wonderful and I learnt loads despite having to do admin work in the back ground!

Our Pagan evenings have been on hold for a while, but I am hoping to get round to sorting them again by May.

This is the month of Lurve! Mr.Flaaa and I are quite romantic anyway, but we do celebrate with a trip to the cinema and a few drinks. We are super lucky to have each other and he is my perfect man 🙂

Our mediumship demonstration was with the lovely Andy Wheeler this month. A fantastic evening of mediumship and he was able to give most a contact.

Our loose mystics show is back, but we have a new panel as the other ladies are either ill or  away! This months episode I was joined with Our jam Jam and Lia. We have a great time and answer lots of questions, we talk about what is being spiritual and a few other spiritual topics. My mouth and honesty always get me into trouble!

Our Monthly family fun day was at flip out! Its an rubber bouncy assault  course thing! Its bloody brilliant though! I break a few hair clips after being sacked by the inflatable bollards, the kids love it and although it has tired us out, us adults loved it too! Thinking next month we will do something outdoors!

I have had a few busy days in London at Psychic Sisters doing readings, I even met and chatted with Lauren Goodger from the only was is Essex. A really nice woman.

One of the readings that stand out for me this month was that of a lady who wanted to get on her new spiritual path but wasn’t sure how. The cards that came up were the high priestess and the Heiraphant, when I mentioned groups and churches would be a good way forward, she explains that her grandmother used to take her to the Churches when she was little and was thinking of going back to their circle. The hIgh priestess confirmed she knew what to do already.

There is a new wave of un ease starting to filter through this month, a virus called Covid 19 – China and Italy are on lockdown and we are expecting it to happen here next! We are taking things a day at a time and seeing what we are advised to do but there are some people panic buying in this last week of February and stocking up on toilet rolls!

Stay safe everyone

Mystic Blessings
Kate May x

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