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Diary of a Mystic May

Diary of a Mystic May

Well we have got through another month of lockdown!

I had my birthday this month  in lock down but actually it was really lovely! I may be getting on a bit, but I actually enjoyed a quite low key birthday. The pressure of organising something was taken off completely, so I actually had a really nice chilled weekend of celebrations. It was also the weekend of the VE Day celebrations, so the whole weeks energy was incredibly high. The weather has been amazing, a typical taurus I love nothing more than to be laying in the sun, eating and drinking tea reading magazines and that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing for the last month!

I have like most of us, pilled on the pounds, but I’m not worried as I know as soon as I return to the Mystic river lounge, it will fall off! One thing I have missed is swimming, but I was lucky enough just last week to have a dip in the sea! It was wonderful, rather chilly to get in , lady bits froze! but after a few minutes I settled in and swam and swam. Was heaven.

Ive not totally been lazing it up though, I’ve been extra busy with phone readings this month, both my own and from Psychic Sisters. We had an email saying Selfridges will be opening the 1st June and we could return to work with the new rules in place, but I’m not keen on getting the tube at all yet,  Jayne totally understood so ill be continuing home readings via phone or Skype for a bit longer. I have been surprised by a few asking to meet for a face to face in secret! No thanks!

Im a keen gardener and I’ve loved being able to watch the Chelsea flower show, some amazing flowers there! I’ve promised myself I will go next year. A few friends also want to go so we may make a few days of it!

One of the great things I’ve been able to do lots this month is meditate and sit in the power. To be connected to my guide in this way  has been awakening! I know I should make more time for this and am hoping to do so. Ive had profound messages given to me, it’s like a real awakening has evolved inside and  Ive felt spirit round em so much more lately.  I can’t wait to get back to the circle! I have always been interested in fengshui, I’ve used this time to really study it further and implement the practice even more. Im looking forward to working with my clients on a deep level with this support, and spiritual life coaching, which I enrolled in this last few weeks again to support my clients on an even  deeper level. I found a lot of my clients not only wanted their future told, or to connect with a loved one but also want extra guidance to being able to live their life to the fullest, these new tools will give me the confidence and the ability to be able to them so much more.

Ive decided to revamp some of the shop, I’ve ordered this fabulous new purple settee and bright orange chairs! its going to be a funky Buddha style spiritual coffee shop! We are able to open early June for takeaways, but I have chosen not too, one I reason is our shop is more of a community hub, people meet there, the other reason is Im simply not ready to go back yet!

My newly designed tarot spreads have been met with great response! Im so pleased my clients love them, I’ve created over 100 all together! I ahem also competed over half of my new book, Tarot and Astrology. the distractions of the weather and these other spreads have meant its taken longer than I thought but I’m trusting spirit all will be ready when it should. The funny thing with lock down is all the ideas I had a the start, the ones I was so keen to get on with have been on and off, I have had high days of motivation then days of laziness but its been ok, the guilt of not always working soon faded out! Im defiantly going to re look at all the events at the shop, there will only be a few we keep, I don’t want to flood the market with shit!

I think I wrote last month, the bond that has grown between myself and the children has been awesome. I will be forever grateful for the special times we have shared that wouldn’t have otherwise.

One of the great things this lock down month has bought it the power of internet spiritual work, Col has done a few online Church services that went down a storm! His prayer and address wow!

We kicked off our first set of new shows with the mystic and The medium – we had the lovely Mikey Havelock on talking about her life experience and book from her near death experience. If you missed it please check out my youtube channel – Kate May Modern Day Mystic. We also had the lovely SNU medium  Billy Cook taking Q&As o

Our Loose Mystics show also kicked off this month, well came back after a revamp! I love this show as we can talk a bit more relaxed on all sorts of topics and then give live readings at the end which our viewers love.

As the month comes to a close, I’ve decided to take the week off readings, just to Catch up on some last minute  admin work and magazines and really make the most of the last week with the children before I start to prepare getting back to the shop.

Things are slowly returning to a new normal outside, the sun is still shinning and I am still smiling 🙂

Mystic Blessings

Kate May xx





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