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Diary of a mystic June/July

I was so busy last month I didn’t get a chance to do that months diary!

So June was a huge mixture of emotions, anyone else feel that?

We hit the ground running being back at the lounge after the lock downs. Super busy and lovely seeing so many new and regular faces again.

We hosted our first workshop, children’s crystal workshop, it was so lovely seeing younger ones get involved and fall in love with crystals. What I’ve noticed is how many young children are feeling depressed an suffer anxiety, I hadn’t even heard of anxiety when I was their age! I guess the good thing now though is that there are aids to support them. We get a whole load of children come in after school, I love that fact that when they are older they will be saying “do you remember that crystal shop we used to go too” We’ve had a few mediumship demonstrations and a psychic supper, all sell outs, it’s just wonderful to back doing what we love

While June was packed with readings, July quieted down towards the end. I had sent a thought out mid July that I could do with a week off to catch up on my admin I get signs all the time, and I’m sure spirit heard and acted accordingly.

I decided to only open the shop 3 days a week from 5, I figured if I can survive almost a year closed I can manage an extra day off! And it’s certainly paid off. I even checked the books and its made no difference what’s so ever – happy days.  I’ve been able to catch up with friends, admin and enjoy time with children especially now they are off school. I do love my family time and newly finished garden time!

I have had the shops 3 years this last month! I cannot believe how quick that has gone but at the same time feels like I have always had it!

As a family with friends we have just come back from a gorge weekend in the caravans. We go each year together, the kids have grown up together and it’s  just lush!

The Mystic Lounge said goodbye to our jem beam, she has gone on to do so well with her VA work, it was time for her to fly although she is still behind the scenes, I’m a firm believer you meet people for a reason and we were def meant to meet! Our bond is supper strong and we had so many laughs, you know when you just have to look at someone without saying anything and you can know what each other is thinking – that’s us!

As one door closes another always opens, it’s so strange when Jem’s first applied for the job I didn’t have a space then within 2 days, Col was offered a full time job and a vacancy was there for Jem, same again, Ange contacts me for a job I have to say no sorry, 1 day later and Jem’s tells me she’s off leaving the door open for Ange to step in! I love it when fate steps in!

So Ange is the lounge new therapist and within a week she has started to build clients.Handy fact is she is a whizz in the kitchen too! How lucky are we! We even made it into our local news paper but more on that next month

So while it’s been full steam ahead there, on a personal note we  have had some let’s say interesting finds. If you have followed these Diary’s for a while, you would have read that my Son Josh has a thyroid condition which is now under control, but his memory seemed to be causing him issues with his exams. One of our fave customers John suggested he might have aphantasia – a condition where he cannot visualise. I tested him on the deets and bingo! He has that. As it turns out so does a few others we know. Sadly the drs were not even aware of this condition so it’s now a battle to get this recognised and help for further exams in his last year at school.

Luckily he’s gorge and has been picked up by a modelling agency so he won’t need a good memory for that lol! We had a super weekend in London this month for his photo shoot then spent the rest of the time visiting the shard, the orbit and shopping! We visited the London towers, now I don’t normally pick up stuff on buildings ect but I went all funny when we entered the tower and the stairs of where the 2 boy princes would have gone and where Anne Boleyn was be – headed! So sad but interesting.  I love history and this was a great day!

A few years back at a psychic event I met with a gorge lady, Violet, again you know when you connect with some people! This month I managed to get up to Yorkshire and visit her for a few days. What a lovely village. We made it even more fun with cocktails and cards! A Instagram monthly event that sees us making well drinking, some lush cocktails while explaining our different interpretations of the cards – I love how we had similar but different stories with each card – you can watch this on Instagram but it will also be on my website soon.

Im finding I like certain social media platforms – face book less and less and am slowly coming off my main profile just keeping work ones. I love LinkedIn and Instagram, though – no drama rama or context being picked up by the Susan’s there!

The wedding plans have been slow, I know I need to get my arse in gear everyone keeps telling me things will be booked up so that’s my next plan of action. After my 100 to do lists! I’m really pleased with how my new tarot deck is coming along and how the courses have been received. I do feel supper lucky to have these opportunities.

I’m hoping by the next diary of a mystic we would have had a bit of a summer! The weather has been all over the place and with no travel abroad for a while, its looking like I’ve got to make the most of any English sun! We have a few more weekend breaks away planned, and ventures but it’s been so nice saying yes to nights out, day trips and weekends away without a thought!

 I’m fearless!

Next month I may have some more news with a few more ideas I have up my sleeve and I can’t share any until they are sealed however as I trust my signs and spirit guides so much I know they will take off, let’s just say I’ve been told they will. I even had one of my strongest spirit signs in the caravan last weekend – I bloody love it!

Mystic blessings

Kate May




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