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Diary of a Mystic April

Diary of a mystic April

Well this was another month I was sick AGAIN! WTAF

Almost straight in and I started to feel the shakes and chills again, this time I went straight to the Dr and he diagnosed tonsillitis once more. I was put back on antibiotics and died for about a week. Again.Again they mixed up my meds, but I was more on the ball and got things sorted quicker, this time I stayed on antibiotics for 2 weeks, hoping they do the job good and proper now

When I was feeling a little better Mr Flaaa took me for some cheesy chips down the beach, gotta love a beach and cheesy chips, right!

It was a birthday month for the famalams on both sides. Josh turned 16! Cols mum turned 80 and his son Myles turned 30 all in the same weekend. Such a lovely weekend of parties, celebrations and presses! My nephew from Spain came over for the celebrations, I’ve not seen him for about 10 years, and he’s all grown up! Was just a fabulous weekend seeing everyone on all sides of the family

it’s still  been super busy in our little mystic lounge still, I never get fed up with that place! We have some amazing customers and often very random ones. This month we saw someone come in dressed as superman, another who was an impressionist, who gave us his best Robert De Niro impression and another who showed us his singing skills! We once had a guy come in just out of prison for murder!

Every day is a different day!

Mostly this month has been about wedding plans. I’ve had 18 months and I get it all done in the last 2! WTF! Arrived at the beginning of the month was our MR and Mrs Flaaa table sweets! Later on I had a few days out trying on dresses, with one showing off my assets rather too much! Once I tried on the one, I just knew straight away. I love it and cannot wait to show it off! Its very different to what I was thinking but totally me!

We were meant to go to Portugual with the boys for a quick break but my son Joshuas passport didn’t arrive till 2 days later, so we decided pn day trips out instead and got shit loads done! We had a gorge day in Brighton, and managed to get our rings the dress, Cols suit and the hall all sorted in a day!

The week wasn’t wasted at all, the weather was gorge here in Portsmouth and just poodleing about was perfect.

The Easter holls arrived, and this year was the first year I didn’t eat or buy chocolate eggs prior to the day! Just as well with my dress to fit in too!

I do love a good chocolate easter egg though, there is something about easter egg chocolate that is just so lush! Im thinking being sick prob done me a favour!

As we are in mercury retrograde next month, I’ve been finalising my latest course and new tarot cards ready to be checked over during the retrograde in may. Many people fear retrogrades, but I actually see them as a second chance to get things right, a time to go over work and make it extra wowzers!

Over the Easter holidays I did spend some time with my family, days out, my fave being a trip to Exbury gardens, a true Taurus I love gardens and flowers. It was lovely to spend the day with my dad too. I’ve just booked Cheslea flower show for next month with a friend – cant wait! My youngest Ollie, loves making things, so I took hiM to the sustainability centre for a wood carving workshop. Although rather expensive, and a heck of a journey to get there , it was worth it to see his little face chip chip chip away at his wood projects. My step dad is buried there, in the woods as part of the natural burial site, we found his place and had lunch with him, and as I was explaining things to Ollie a white feather dropped, to me a clear sign he was with us.

One of the most memorable readings this month was to a lady who had some significant life style changes going on. While this was apparent during her reading, I said to her “I can see you changing your whole career and working with animals, dogs in particular”  She confirmed she was changing her job as a receptionist to start her own business a a dog walker. She looked at the cards confused and said how did you know that? Which card told you that?

As I tell my students, cards can nudge you into seeing situations, or simply its clairvoyance, which is my strong point, sometimes working psychically is really hard to share with students who are trying to learn the tarot.

I see all sorts played out in my head, like a film it’s both a blessing and a curse!

The end of April, and things are getting closer, there’s a real sense of excitement or change in the air! As we move to the Solar eclipse, new moon in Taurus, the second new moon in April, and Beltane, all of this brings change, and manifestations, Expect the unexpected and those that are awake and sensitive, will be feeling a shift of sorts! I have written a blog on this – check out my log page on my web site

Mystic Blessings

Kate May




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