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45 cards separated into 6 different categories.

These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Diary of a Mystic April 2019

Diary of a Modern Day Mystic!

Join me on my journy as a Modern Day Mystic, see what mystical moves I get up too!

April 2019

The month starts like a summers day! Its my day off and I have planned a day out with friendns to a crystal shop that is owned by another friend – seventh heaven in midhurst. Its a lovely day and we buy something shinny plus eat cake, drink tea and have a grand old catch up

Its my eldest birthday this month, although he has a great bunch of friends he chooses to spend it with me! We go shopping, I spoil him obviously and have a mummy and son lunch together, Hes now turned into a teenager! 13 – and I am super proud of him.

At the lounge this month we host a psychic Supper which we didn’t think would get take off then in the last week got more than fully booked! I love the way spirit work, I am sure they know we only have 10 minutes to work so rather than wait for the tarot part to be told, they seem to come in super strong with evidence and information, leaving hardly any time for the cards! I have a couple of guys that have never had this done before and they have amazing connections, I am supper pleased they can take such great comfort from this, thats what makes my day, seeing others enjoy the experience and feel like they have been connected to the people they miss and love.

I have my 2nd part of my Tarot course this month, I love teaching this. Forever I have been saying I will get a monthly Tarot group/Circle together and im still no close but its on my to do list!

As the month progresses I start to get a little of a fuzzy head, its really busy right now and theres a lot to do for work, sometimes I wish there was 3 of me!

This month sees the Easter Holidays, I don’t get much time off but do get a trip to London with the boys, we visit the natural history museum and the science museum plus eat chocolate waffles! We also visited the IOW to see friends, who moved their a few months back. Its really important for me to get a balance  with the kids, they are still young plus it keeps me grounded! Its not easy being a single mum to two boys, and the journey on  the train alone is enough to put anyone off! But we survive nd make some lovely memories.

The shop was kept busy with a drumming healing share event, a workshop on the law of attraction with Michelle and our monthly mediumship  Demonstration with  Spiritual medum Ashly Robinson from Wimbledon Spiritualist Church, this was amazing. Its great having different events as it brings in quite different people all the time and keeps things varried. Ashly wows the audiance with his acurate evidence and his humble approach

I do a couple of Mind Body Spirit Fayres this month, I love organising these, but its also nice to work there instead, no pressure! Its great seeing new clients, at fayres you never know who will be seated in front of you. its also lovely speaking to all the stall holders and finding out about new events. Its as much a social as a working day

Robin (Erithacus rubecula) filling the frame in profile with particularly striking orange breast and fine detail in feathers

One reading that stands out for me this month seems to focus on signs from Spirit, I see this as so comforting. They can be any thing from feathers in random places, particular birds, Robins seem to be the most popular, coins, butterflys and songs. There are particular cards such as the high priestess that signal when to be  more open to signs of spirit also.

For me I see Feathers as a comforting sign and Coins. They can appear as aports quite often in my case. I have my own meanings for different coins. When I see random 1 penny’s they indicate a tough time financially but make the most of what I have got or it could be worse. 5 Penny’s are a sign that money is coming and things are going to improve in a financial or material area. These are the most common ones I see, they pop up in any room out of the blue. There is an inner knowing that my financial prayers have been answered when I see a 5p

Road signs, books and number messages are another way they will communicate with us, – I know a lot of people work with numerology and seeing 22- 11 -33 or such like are quite common, however for me I don’t often have this, but I do have a lot of clients that ask me about these numbers when they see them. Often it is signs again that we are on the right pathway, or that we are more aware that are Angels and guides are near

Road names, number plates, words in books that jump out at me however I do resonate with. When I was in America for the first time, I was a little nervous and it was the furthest id been without my children with me for like forever! On our first tea stop I noticed a van with the name Winnie on it, this was my nans name – I felt some comfort – on our second stop we stopped at a road called Osbourne Road, my friend Jo had recently passed and this was her surname. Another road we passed was called Kenny Lane – My Uncle Ken passed during that trip and I saw the name Ray on several numberplates, that was my step dads name, all these signs made me feel great comfort and I know for sure they were all there with me.

Butterflies, Robins, and ladybirds, Crows – They are all seen as signs of some sort, a Robin is often that of remembrance to a loved one that has passed, Butterflies also, and may mean transformation, Dragonflies are seen for me as endings, Crows to me are a sign to be aware of others motives. Like dreams, signs and symbols can be interpreted in all sorts of ways, but I find its best to have my own meanings






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