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Diary of a Mystic April – June 2023

Diary of a mystic April

And in a blink April was gone! This year is moving fast way to quickly for my liking, although I’m not moaning about the weather warming up! I love this time of year, with the tulips and new early summer flowers starting to bloom, it brings a breath of warm fresh air that’s much needed! I just wish life would slow down a little, right?

So April. A month of emotional ups and downs to be honest.

The month started in great swing with A new vibe in the lounge!

A re vamp of fresh paint, pictures and the lovely Karen joining me. I’m not going to lie, I was a little bit nervous at first, it’s a control thing! But I knew I needed to let go and let someone in and share the pressure! My gut so far has paid off! The pressure off my shoulders is immense, I’m happy to say Karen has fallen in to place like a duck to water, the regulars love her and she has blinged up the place!

This means she will run the coffee shop as her own, and ill play crystals and magic with my psychic vibes!

With this change it means I can give my time to what I love more, my tarot work. We will have an open day and I’ve already started to finish some projects that have been hanging on forever! More about that later.

We will be having an open day super soon to welcome Karen in proper and show off our new look!

This month I managed to be a bit more sociable, as the weather warms up so do I! We had both friends and family birthdays, with my eldest turning 17! How did that happen?? Thye say time flies and it really does.

April saw us have our first Mystic market at the new Community Kettle, a huge success and just shows how much spiritual living is needed in people’s lives! With Mr Flaaa we have been running mind body spirit fayre forever, usually dotted around, so it’s nice to bring one to our local area of cosham, and we hope to do this every other month here. 

April we had our long awaited honey moon, Marrakesh! I have always wanted to go to Morocco, and I’m glad I did, we saw some stunning sites, our riad guest house was the best and we made some lovely friends that we will stay in touch with, just up the road in reading! The weather was super-hot and although. We did get a little sunstroke on the first day, we came home with lush tans! I don’t think I would go again though, once you’ve seen one market you’ve seen them all! I hated the way they treated the animals, and on that alone I wouldn’t go back. But it was on my bucket list like I said so I’m pleased we did it. Plus we had a super relaxing time, and done a magical meditation in this amazing tent we had at our riad.

So this was all the ups, now sadly the down

On our return though we had some terribly sad news. One of my son josh;s friends from school was sadly killed in a tragic accident. I can’t tell you how painful this has felt and my heart breaks for his family and friends. There are no words when a child dies, and I have to say this has affected me a lot. I cannot imagine what his family are going through. I will remember him forever as a smiley cheeky lad. As I write this it would have been his 17th birthday today. Josh and about 400 others went to our local hill to gather, remember and let off balloons.

Despite my strong faith, I must admit I have struggled to comprehend this. The last time my faith was tested was around 20 years ago, when one of my closest friends Mark died. For about 2 weeks I just stopped believing. Gradually though, it came back, and I’ve since had many contacts from Mark through different mediums at demonstrations. I have probably more friends over that side then here now! Out of my close group of friends, 9 have passed over now.

I know the bigger picture ect ect but we are all still human and every now and again, especially when children are involved and in such traumatic circumstances, sometimes it just gets me. I chose not to do any readings for a few days after hearing this, my mind wasn’t focused.

Jake will forever be in his family and friends, hearts, in the air they breathe and connected always by love.

Life really is so short, and we are reminded that at any time things can change in an instant. Hug your loved ones, forgive petty squabbles, have fun but be safe, create happy times as these will never die, just as our spirit continues so does those special memories. 

I had a bit of an accidnet in April, while cooking, which i should never do realy, I tipped boiling water on my foot! The pain! after a few hours I taken to hosptal and have spebt a few weeks now in cover up with a tasy scare apperaing.


May is my fave month because not only is it Beltane, but also my birthday. The sun is really warming up and there is the hope of summer in the air. I love the colours that pop up in the gardens now, the flowers start to bloom, the tress start to grow more leaves, and it’s just has a pretty look everywhere.

Now I’m a not a regular drinker, more a binge drinker every few months or so, I do like a glass or bottle of rose! As I don’t drink so much now, it doesn’t take me long to feel the effects! We had a gorde dinner out with friends but after 2 glasses I was getting louder and louder! Luckily the food slowed the drinking down and no embarrassing moments were made. To eb fair it would take a lot to embarrasses me now days. There is something peace full and content about getting older, and being happy with oneself I think. Either that, ir you just don’t give a fk as much!

Karen is settling in at the lounge, and everyone loves her! What a great move that was to have her come in. The place is looking lush and the food, well let’s be honest could only be improved, right?

I’ve have defiantly felt the pressure off, and I dint even realise how much it was on really. It’s funny how you carry on then when you stop you look back and think, how did I manage that! Now though I can see I am able to focus on my spiritual pathway and getting these flippen Astro Tarot cards finished!

This month was the annual open day at the Arthur Finnly college, I love going there, its so full of history and magic! This year was super special as they had the unveling of our wonderful friend and tutor Mavis Pitilla. It was great to catch up with other students and see some lovely faces! If you have never been there, I would highly recommend a vist!

I had a beautiful connection with a client this month, I always like to share at least 1 with you. This is the power of trust but also understanding the difference between when working with Spirit or using your psychic. So, during this particular reading, this guy’s dad made contact. I gave off what I got, bla  bla bla bla, which the client accepted. As I had started of psychically with the tarot cards, I knew the vibe when the spirit world, his dad started to come through. But then his dad started talking about the mother. I knew from the feeling that the mother had also passed, yet I couldn’t feel her. I was able to pass a lot of information about his mother to him via his dad telling me or impressing on me. But it was clear to me that I didn’t have the contact of his mother. Once the communication had finished, I told the client that at no point did I feel his mother’s contact, all the info came from his dad. He said, that was the proof he was looking for. While alive, his mum had said to him, she would never make contact to a medium. I loved that! For me this was great evidence of my own capability, but more so of how amazing the spirit world work.

To end May, we had a fab day at trip in London with the boys and our fun day out friendship group! I really do love my days out, away from anything work related, it gives me the balance and grounding to enjoy the work I do so much. Everything really is about balance.

Another fave day was at the races! It was on the Kings corination, so I had to dress up of course!


What a lush June! For our first anniversary we booked Hurgahada in Egypt. Egypt has never appealed to me, but the boys wanted to go, and Mr Flaaa had been several times before, so we decided to book. What a lush place! Fabulous weather, amazing hotel, great food, just a wonderful time. However, I will never ever go quad biking across the desert again! While the views were amazing, the experience was not! Holding the throttle down for an hour and a half gave me thumb trauma and blisters, the bumps over the sand almost broke my back! The heat, omg, and have you ever tried, trying to put a bottle lid back on to a water bottle with one hand while going 100 miles an hour! There was no way I could ride it back again, so I thought going on the back of mr Flaaas bike would be better. How wrong was I!

My bum was black and blue, my face was thick with sand despite having a face turban thing on! But the kids and Flaaa loved it! Our hotel was lovely, with everything you could wish for. With 5 water slides, we were living the dream and really connecting to our inner child!  I love water sports though, for our excursions we booked boat trips, snorkelling, dolphin swimming. Water sports are my thing though, being flung around on a banana boat and dingy things was amazing and so much fun.

Overall, though, the week was lovely.

We bought the sun back, so June has been lush weather, the garden is in full bloom, the lounge is buzzing and I’ve kept my tan for the month!

While I was away, I managed to read 2 books, one the big magic was great, and the other one I’ve wanted to read for ever! Many masters many lives. What an awesome book. I’m now into the soul’s journey. Reading these has really opened my mind. I tend to read a little and then pause to process, then read more. In the pause for process, is where I find my guides talk to me, giving me a better understanding. It’s been a while since I really got into books again, but I’m going to continue now I’ve started the roll. I feel like I’ve really got a better understanding of the soul and spirit, past life’s and in between lives.

One of my bucket lists was the Isle of White festival. My friend Mandy and I booked tickets back in January. What a fab event it was! The energy in the place was amazing and buzzing, proper festival vibes. And although it rained a little, it didn’t put us off. Live music in a field is the best! Blondie really surprised me with how good she was, especially turning 78! What a. Vibe! Robbie was the nuts!  I’ve seen him many times, a true performer and great entertainer. Was a bit of a rush heading back to the last ferry, grabbing it with the luck of a taxi by 2 minutes!

As the summer comes in I usually try and relax things a little at work, although the readings are still super busy, I did cancel some courses however, putting them back to September. But it has been great to relax, catch up with friends in the evenings down the beach, Mr Flaaa and I have gone for evening kayaking, and I took a day out with my good friend Sophie, sister from another mister visiting friends Nick & Sally up country!

I did have a super fun evening over the Summer Solstice with Jem, our intent was there to spend the evening doing a beautiful ritual. What we hadn’t bargained on was the wind blowing the candles out, the candles not sticking and standing up, tweezers being replaced with toenail clippers, and various other funny challenges. However, we had the best belly laughs. As with all magic though, it’s the intent that is the most powerful. The very next some of the magic had already appeared to work! So even though things hadn’t quite gone to plan, the universe knew exactly what that plan was.

This month was my baby’s 14th birthday. How did that happen! He was the cutest baby so lovable! We took him and his mates paintballing. What a show! They loved it, typical boys firing and shooting at each other! Someone said why would I encourage this? Well I’m not from the cotton wool club, my dear!

As the month comes to an end, I’m preparing to go off to Wales for a week retreat and mediumship training with the lovely Billy Cook. I’m going on my own and leaving the mystic lounge in Karen’s capable hands.

This last few months, I’ve really started to understand a lot more what my soul needs, rather than what my ego needs! Things are changing for me, and I’m super excited to sit back and allow the universe to work its magic in many ways!

Mystic blessings

Kate May




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