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These Modern Mystic messages have been created to give you guidance and answers in my straight-talking way!

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Diary of a Mystic April

Diary of a mystic April 

HIGH HO HIGH HO Its off to work I go! 

I’m back doing face to face readings, back in Selfridges London at Psychic Sisters and its all fabulous! The shop has had to change in accordance to the new safety rules, but it was lush to be back

Not going to lie, I’ve enjoyed the time out but I’m ready to start seeing your gorgeous faces again now. People always ask if it’s any different having a reading face to face or on zoom or phone, and honestly it makes no difference to the connections or the reading itself, but some people like the whole mystic experience you get in a face to face reading, especially when they get the chance to enjoy tea and cake or buy some fabulous crystals while they are at it! 

This month it’s been lovely, the weather has turned to beautiful sunshine and the shop Mystic Coffee Lounge is already getting busy with people buying stock and booking treatments and readings 

On a personnel level, I now have my engagement ring! Woo Hoo! Who would have thought! I Love it! It’s perfect just like my man! The wedding was going to be this year, but in reality with the travel restrictions ect, we have put it off till next year. It will be a mixture of  a spiritual service and a pagan celebration mixing both our faiths and honouring our believes, not going to lie, any excuse for a good old knees up after this last year for our friends and family! I have some fabulous ideas for the day but first I need to book a venue! We have been lucky enough to have the wonderful Medium Mavis Pittilla agree to take the service and my lovely friend and boss Witch Julie for the pagan ceremony. I going to try and keep things simple, but ill probably go all out! Actually its Mr Flaaa that wants the big white wedding! Of course  though it’s a west ham theme, with some sparkle! 

Like so many birthdays over the last year, the restrictions put our best laid plans to rest. It’s also been my son’s Joshua birthday this month, his second in lock down but as soon a the shops opened we hit them! – A boy after my own dreams! We are in the process of getting him into a football academy for his last couple of years in education, he’s doing so well after his diagnoses last year with his thyroid, back on track and focused again. Back last year I shared with you my eldest son battle with depression which got diagnosed as his thyroid gland not working at all. A year on the meds which have been recently increased he is like a different child! I cannot believe how poorly he really was compared to now. He looks so different has grown so much that he is now just a bit taller than me! My intuition was telling me for. A while to get him a blood test for his thyroid, but my head was trying to think logical, When I went to the DR he asked me why I felt he needed a blood test and tried to palm it off, but I was insistent saying I was not leaving until we had a full blood count arranged – I even said look I’m psychic I just know he needs it! Without that he would have got a lot worse  possible to no recovery, and his organs would have eventually packed up. He now has 6 month blood tests and each time they have upped it, saying he was so ill before they don’t know how he functioned. I’m so glad I listened to my gut in the end!

This month sadly we’ve said goodbye to two friends, friends I met within the mystic world, Lynne and Chris. I know they will make themselves known to their loved ones and that they are in a better place but its still ever so sad. Being a medium, some may think that you don’t get effected when someone dies as much, but we are still human and have to experience that human emotional of sadness, loss and grief. It’s made easier from our faith for sure, but it’s important to still acknowledge that human side. When one of my close friends died suddenly around 20 years ago, I was so shocked I literally stopped believing in all things, I was devastated and for about 2 weeks I couldn’t get my head around what had happened and that I wouldn’t see him ever again. This passed and over the years he has given me so many messages through other mediums, in my dreams and I know he walks close with me on my spiritual journey. 

Reviews and feed backs have been coming in thick and fast from so many clients! I do love it when it when clients message me their feedback. Feedback isn’t what I seek all the time now , but when I do get it, its lovely and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Who doesn’t like a pat on the head from time to time right? 

This last couple of weeks I’ve had several messages that confirm what I have told them in their readings. Each one starts with – “when you said …. I was thinking  naaaa can’t see that but then it happened, everything you said is coming about”  The thing with the Tarot and spirit is I trust 100%, so I have no doubt that the messages I’m delivering will make sense if not straight away then soon. Free will does come into play though as with all possibilities. If I was to say there’s a new job coming up and it will make you really happy, when it does pop up you may choose not to take it, so that happiness there cannot be reached from your own choice. Recently I have started to combine life coaching with tarot readings. I find this supports clients to the next step, guiding them on how to make the best choices and getting their life back in control. 

Using so many  of my own different  spreads and the astrological side of the cards give a deeper and more direct approach when needed, and expands the tarot in such a way that I have fallen in love with them all over again! I’m not sure when my next set of cards will be completed hopefully by the next diary of a mystic, but I am super excited to share them with you along with the new flash cards and chakra cards! 

I love getting my own signs from spirit and this month I have had my special signal turn up in the most strangest of places including in the middle of my bed when I woke up and in my sons shoe! This is a great sign to me that I’m on the right track and all is good! 

As things start opening up its been great to catch up with friends and get the kids our to things. Little things we took for granted such as chips by the sea or taking the children to a fayre have been so missed, its been great to start doing this, and while im not totally back at work full time yet im making the very most of it!

As most people throughout the lock down, I’ve pilled on the pounds! Not helped by Easter that for sure. 2 weeks ago as soon as we got the green light I started back up  at my swimming and have started a regular walking meet up with one of my besties Donna! How disappointing after 3 weeks of moving and shaking just a mere 2lb have come off! I’m going to stick with it though as I feel so much better and after all have a wedding dress to fit in! 

Mystic Blessings 

Kate May 




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