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Diary of a Mystic August/September/October

Kate May

The last time I wrote my monthly diary of a mystic was July! It’s been such a crazy few months, I can’t actually believe we are in November now.

Our summer was a bit of a wash out, so we grabbed time here and there to make the most of any good weather we did get.

Mystic diarys

July started off in a caravan at local Bunn Leisure with friends, our usually holiday gang! Last year the covid restrictions, meant we couldn’t do a s much as we wanted, this year was much easier. However, with the boys getting older, I think they are outgrowing this now, just like they out grew the Butlins weekends we used to take them on when they were much smaller. Next year looks like an upgrade is needed!  Happy memories all round though, and that’s what it’s all about! One place I’ve wanted to take them too forever was the Eden project, so in August, we booked a caravan for a few days in Cornwall. Such a beautiful place, even in the rain lol

We usually go to my aunts in Bristol as a family for a few days, ever since I was little, but this year we decided on caravan holidays together. Along with everyone else so it would seem!

Diary of a Mystic August/September/October

The good thing about being self-employed and working less hours, is that I can just off and out pretty much when I want too! I took my mum to London for a treat to tea at the Ritz! Life is all about making memories and this was a magical day together, shopping sight seeing and enjoying special tea and cakes!

August saw record takings at the lounge, less hours more money? How does that work? Well it does at the Mystic Coffee lounge! I think all my networking in the lock down and my new connections have paid off. Im so lucky to have a great team!

Was great to be able to attend the fairy festival this year, I’ve not been before and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Seeing everyone out dressed up as fairies – perfect! I bought some lovely new tarot cards and met the artist who was fascinating. A girl can never have too many cards eh!

This summer I started working on a new tarot course that will be available to download on line. I had been thinking of this for a while, but now I’ve actually started it. This will allow those that have done my tarot courses to sign up freely and join in my tarot community group. I just love how  my tarot reading business has evolved to this level! With the support from Spiritual medium, Mavis Pittilla and Jean Elsie, the teaching tarot course has been a massive success, we are about to start our 6th one in September. I cant believe it was this time last year I was writing my first teaching course for Mavis, and now its evolved so much to a next step, an advance and now the downloadable version

I had a gorge time over the IOW at the scoter rally with some old friends who moved there a few years ago! I love this little family like my own and found a mystic shop in the high-street and of course bought some new cards!

The last weekend in August I went to Avebury with friends arranged within our Angelic healing group. What a place!  I’ve been to stonehenge many times with my pagan group but actually I prefer Avebury stones now. Around the stones sets a gorge tree  hanging from it ribbons that people have put up there. The energy is super special, the little quaint shops and of course our group was perfect. We sat in a space under the tress and did a group meditation alongside healing for each other and the universe. Sending healing to others, the universe, mother earth is a massive part of my work. I honour particular traditions through the wheel of the year but love to join up with like-minded people for group healing work

September saw us have a gorge late summer! We have continued to be busy in the lounge and kicked off the month with our first mind body spirit  fayre in 18 months. A huge success, and so lovely re connecting with old friends, and seeing our fayre family come back together.A massive miss in the spiritual community throughout lockdown for sure.

My bestest business buddy and I took some time out this month in a caravan, again, to do some work. We are both workaholics so this was a great time to catch up, do some work and see each other in lush surroundings. Mr flaaa and his bestie Andy came along but soon distracted us so we gently encouraged them to disappear for a while. We did however all spend the evening sitting the power, a fabulous way to connect

One thing I’ve noticed throughout all readings are patterns, just before the first lockdown I noticed a huge wave of stresses coming up towards the April may months and then easier times for the summer months, before stresses again. This last few weeks I’ve noticed a pattern similar for the winter months but with a short turn around and more ease in January. So let’s just see, eh!

A little late to the party, but I finally got myself a kayak! Mr Flaaa and I got matching kayaks after I had a go with my bestie Donna in the sea

I love it! The freedom on the water feels amazing. A great way to de stress and re charge from busy psychic work

Moon work has been my passion for as long as I can remember, this month we started up our full moon meet ups as a public group in the lounge again. Honouring the full moon with its monthly timing is a such a special thing for me to do, and with special people to share it with, we’ve created a real sister hood.

As October sets in, it’s still been super busy and we’ve had so many lovely new customers coming through the door, I can’t tell you how lucky I feel! Ange has settled in nicely and I’m now looking to hire staff allowing us to open more reaching even more of you gorge people.

My brain just keeps on ticking with more ideas, and I’ve some fabulous ones coming up including my new tarot business suit.  For many years, I’ve been giving others ideas to help their businesses, something I love to do, a few years back I started applying new ideas to my own business and woo hoo – I levelled up. If you’ve been a follower of my diary of a mystic for a while now, you would remember last August I was going to apply for a new shop, paper work looked good, everything seemed all ok, then I checked my cards and it was a no! I checked again a few more times asking different questions and still no. So we didn’t go through with it. 2 months later we hit another lockdown, 6 months later a massive change in the lounges working structure which would have caused a huge huge financial issue but more importantly a strained friendship. So the tarot cards saved a whole lot of trouble!

This new business idea will be launched in January so look out for more deets on my website!

In October, we finally had our super special event with Gordon Smith with hummingbird fayres and events alongside my partner here Anne Thomas, after waiting a while and changing dates due to Covid again we had the most amazing weekend. I met Gordon several years ago

while we worked on a psychic cruise, and at other psychic weekends, so I knew we were in for a treat! The mediumship demonstration was as expected bloody amazing and then the work shop just as good, with so many people enjoying themselves while learning loads. A strange but I guess not strange thing happened, the day before the dem, a lady sadly was killed outside our shop in the high street, this obviously shock many of us, but I just couldn’t get her out of my head that night and had trouble sleeping thinking about all those involved. During his demonstration Gordon said he had a lady who had just died but he couldn’t give more than that other than to say she had accepted this and was fine. I put my hand up as she popped in my mind but couldn’t give much more as I didn’t know her. Three ladies in the next row back also put their hand up and he went to them repeating the information, one of the ladies called over to me and asked if my shop was in cosham, I said yes is this the same lady? She replied I think so we were the first response team to the call!

You couldn’t make it up! I felt an instant relief and slept so much better knowing, of course what I know but needed to be told!

Hosting such a weekend, allowed us to have some down time together. What fun! Dinner and drinks on a boat with the best company. Now you know me to be a workaholic, so it wasn’t long before we got onto the subject of work in between vodkas! I won’t say much now but look out for another few projects that will see some ideas I have been working on for a couple of years coming together. I’m so excited! Hard work really does pay off and it’s not always what you know but who at times!

On this note, I should have the final copies of my new astro tarot deck finishing soon, a tarot app, a collection of tarot spreads with flash cards and more. My plan is to have these all finished by January.

So while some people will be slowing down over the winter months, I will be speeding up! But it will be soooo worth it.

We had some excellent news from the football academy where my eldest son Josh had trials for. He passed! So will now attend this instead of a regular college. His school has been shockingly shit with support with his aphantasia  along with the Drs, we are now waiting a neurological appointment which could take forever! The football academy have looked into this and are willing to help with this, so just a few more months and wo hoo he can go there.

So the wedding plans….

 I’ve not done a thing! Honestly, I can’t believe how fast time is moving and how much I have on, so the wedding for now will be looked at after Christmas I think, Oh we did manage to book the church though! So one small step

As I write this we are approaching November, but first have Halloween one of my fave times is here and my blog and tarot spread have just gone out. We had our first collaboration with my friend Emma from Puriavida to share a vegan Halloween psychic supper. A massive success and sell out!

A busy Halloween weekend, I was then booked to to do readings for a party who had hired the most fabulous mansion style beach house. Its been a while since I did tarot parties, but at this  venue  I can do all day long! Amazing setting, right on the beach. Lovely people just a joy to read for.

Now its time to enjoy the celebrations myself. The house is decorated and the sweetie bowel is ready! It’s the first year that I won’t be going out trick and treating with my boys, they want to go with their friends so I’m left dressing up spooking the little ones that come and knock my mystic door!

Samhain blessings to one and all

Have a magical new year, that this time brings.

Mystic Blessings

 Kate May




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